Chapter 9

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Two days passed since the fight.

Two days passed since me and Liam argued.

Two days passed since Louis kissed me.

Louis and I have gotten really close.

Only Harry and Ruby know. It's really hard to keep a secret from your best friend. Because you are dying to tell them!

Well that's what happen.

We both were in this serious talk because we were scared that Liam would find out.

Well come to find out that we both already told! We laughed our arses off!

It was a bright sunny day, the sun beaming down us.

Louis and I walked around the park hand in hand.

"Favorite color?" Louis asked.

"Blue obviously!" I laughed. "Yours?"

"Take a guess!" Louis smiled.


"Nope!" He laughed.


"That's Harry's favorite color silly! Come on Allison! It's really easy! One more try!" Louis teased.

"Okay..let's" I said, hoping I got it right.

"Yes! Good job love!" Louis laughed.

"Most embarrassing dare ever?" I asked.

"Oh Ally, there are to many to pick!" He laughed.

"Just one?" I whinned.

"Fine. I was about in 9th grade. Me and my friends were playing truth or dare, obviously. Well Greg, one of my friends, dared me too go in the girls bathroom and kiss the first girl I saw." He paused.

"I love truth or dare, but i didn't know how to do it without getting caught. So I finally walked in and they all screamed. I picked a girl and kissed her!" He laughed.

"Of course she hates me, she then kicked me in the balls. My principle, at the time, came in and dragged me by the ear to his office. I had to get detention."

"Louis!" I laughed even harder.

"Ice-cream!" Louis screamed.

We ran to the ice cream stand like little kids.

"Hello, how may I help you today?" The man asked.

"I would like to have medium chocolate ice cream cone please."

The man got Louis ice cream ready.

"Here you go sir."

Louis looked at it weird.

"Is something wrong?" I asked.

"There is no sprinkles." Louis whispered. "I have to have sprinkles on my ice cream!"

I giggled.

"Excuse me? Where is the sprinkles?"

"You didn't ask for any, but I can get you some if you want some."

"Are you calling me stupid? Because I'm pretty sure I told you that I wanted sprinkles on my ice cream!" Louis sassed.

I burst into laughter.

The man stood there, confused in what to do next.

"Just give him some sprinkles. He is crazy." I laughed, spinning my finger by my head.

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