My life in the year of 2014

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May 26, 2014

today I woke up and I felt 2 weeks pregnant I think I'm still pregnant because 2 weeks ago I tried to have a kid with my boo and it worked my stomach is kinda  hard right now I need to take a pregnancy test ill let you guys know what it says

May 23, 2014

I saw my baby today when I was hanging with my best friend Jessica Giles he kissed Me and took my frappe but I don't mind lol I missed him so much I was crying in the hospital because I didn't see him for 4 days I missed him like crazy I still miss him now lol even know I already saw him today was amazing except for the fact that Marshawn my ex was spreading rumors around about me I hate him

May 22, 2014

I just got home from the hospital at 1130 pm and I miss my baby so much he isn't awake but hopefully I'll see him tomorrow at school anyways Goodnight I'm tired it is now 1208 am so I'm going to sleep gn

May 21, 2014

I've been crying so much today my doctor said I was suppose to leave the hospital today and he lied to me I hate being bullshitted by someone who is older then me I feel so alone right now, my roomie Mercedes keeps falling asleep early I have not been sleeping very well lately here at aurora charter oak hospital I think it's because I miss my baby boo  I miss him so much, it hurts not seeing him or talking to him, today is my nieces 5th birthday I can't believe she's growing up so fast I must be getting old lol

May 20, 2014

I'm still crying here at the  charter oak hospital I miss my boyfriend so much I can't stop thinking about him even though I have only been with him for 2 weeks I feel like I've been with him longer every touch every kiss is heart warming my boo fixed my heart my heart was once broken but when he came into my life he fixed my heart he made my heart whole again I love him so much that's why I can't be without him for a long time I love him so much

May 19, 2014

it's my second day here at aurora charter oak hospital

and I'm crying so much I just want to go home so I can talk to my boo and lay in my bed and finally get a good night sleep I'm tired of being here I just want to go home already: '(

May 18, 2014

it's my first day here at charter oak hospital and I got booty juiced which is a shot to calm me down  cuz I was so angry I was pissed off at the fact that the cops disrespected me and put me in hand cuffs and sent me to the hospital I hate the cops they think they all that just because they have a badge and cuffs and just because they the law well just because your cop does not mean you have the right to disrespect me or my friends or my family or my boo so now you know why I got so angry I hate getting disrespected and I hate cheaters to like my ex

May 17, 2014

It's Saturday and I'm so happy I'm gonna runaway tomorrow with my boo  I can't believe it finally I can wake up everyday and see him by my side I'm so glad I met him I'm so happy he's in my life I'm so lucky to have met someone worth living for I always thought I would never find the right guy for me but I was wrong because now I have met a guy who actual loves me for me he doesn't love me for how I look he loves my personality not body and I love him for his personality not his looks cuz to me looks don't matter when in a relationship

May 16, 2014

today is Friday yay the weekend is here I'm suppose to see my boo tonight but I don't know if

he's down to sneak out of his group home to meet me at my friends house because I'm spending the night at my best friend Jessica's house so yea I hope he comes over tonight

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