Chapter 10 An Icy Twist

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The semester comes and goes. It’s the last week before I pack my bags and go back to my flat in Hollywood to star in I Never Forgot You, directed by Cole Thompson, produced by Rachel Adams, and written by Amanda and John Cole. Austin, Kelly, Chelsea, and I got the whole week to spend, not in class. But considering the people I hang out with we are in school, in Chelsea’s French class. Her tutor is here today to visit. She’s talking to him in rapid fire French. It’s Monday and he says he’s visiting his family in Canada and decided to drop by for the day. According to Chelsea.

“Professor, this is Austin and Kelly.” Chelsea explains, “And this, is our exchange student Jason Caldwell.”

“Hello everyone,” he says, his accent very apparent “Chelsea has spoken very highly of all of you.” His accent making it difficult to understand.

“She has also spoken frequently of you.” Austin says, “She was quite surprised when you arrived this morning.”

“Yes yes, I’m sorry about that. I was visiting family in Canada and I took flight here to meet you in person.” He says.

“It’s really great to actually meet you in person.” Chelsea insists, “You know it’s really nice to finally be able to interact with you. Without a computer screen in the middle.”

“Yeah, you seemed to have neglected to tell me that you are a huge American movie star.” He says

“How did you find out?” she asks him.

“Well my cousin is a huge fan and when my aunt and uncle asked me how ‘Pet’ was, I said you were doing well. Then they asked me what your name was. When I told all of them, she freaked. She’s fourteen, and apparently you’re a huge movie star in Canada.” He explains

“Should I send her an autograph and a signed movie set? Maybe a poster? Something?” Chelsea asks freaking out, “You’ve been so great to me. I want to do something nice for your family.”

“Maybe just autograph an old movie poster copy.” He suggests. Chelsea’s eyes light up.

“Brilliant!” She says, “If you give me her address I can mail it to her, or if you’re sticking around a while I can send it back with you by tomorrow.”

“Sounds good.” He says before they go back to speaking in rapid French.

“Chelsea is all about making her fans feel loved and appreciated. If she found out she had a fan in the Arctic, she’d mail them a picture, and autographed picture.” Kelly says, “So do you guys want to hang out at Ziggie’s after school?” She asks as Professor and Chelsea continue their conversation.

“Rather not Kell. Chels and I haven’t been back there since day one of junior year.” Austin says uncomfortably, “We’ve kinda been avoiding it.” He gulps and continues, “I’ve got practice after school. Chelsea has riding students booked until Friday. And I thought you would be working on the Musical till you premiered next week.”

“I’ve got to run lines with Chelsea,” I tell them, “She wanted help with her part for when she leaves on Friday.”

“Oh, I completely forgot. Your semester is up on Friday. Austin and Chelsea are heading to LA the next day.” Kelly says, “We have to get together before you all leave me here in Pineview for bigger and better things.” Kelly says with a frown. “Chelsea mentioned that she was getting her LA pent ready. You’re lucky Austin. I can’t believe she picked you over me to go with her.”

“She just needs someone who can keep her from killing her costar.” He answers with a glance to Chelsea, “I’m just there to make sure she stays out of juvie.”

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