The feels in between

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it's a short one !

My first two periods I didn't talk to the girls purely because I think it's stupid they didn't just tell me they were going out with the popular boys I guess they don't trust me.

At break I just put my headphones in and ignore the world .I see the girls looking my way probably wondering why I am not coming over. Today has gone so fast it's lunch I think it's time to stop ignoring the girls and enter the lunch hall and sit down the girls stare at me and ask what is wrong I tell them my reason for being a bit rude this morning all four of them get up out of there seats and drag me over  to the boys " I'm with niall " katerina says and niall walks over to her gives her hand a squeeze and a light kiss on the cheek she continues telling me tye rest of the couples I feel a bit uncomfortable but happy for them all at the same time .

Then I see Louis who was backing away knowing he wasn't part of it.

I feel sort of sorry for him but he has had rumours spread about him that are probably true he looks lost and alone and I feel like that sometimes.

We all arrange to come to my house after school since I confirmed my sister would be working fairly late again just to get to know each other I was a bit anxious knowing that Louis would be coming to my house I'm unsure about him.

As soon as the end of school bell rung I dashed home getting myself and the house cleaned up.

Now I wait.

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