The Date

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Charlottes P.O.V

I threw a bit of popcorn at his face laughing.

"Her outfit isnt that bad!"

I said whilst laughing

"Seriously, she looks like she's in the 80's" He said playfully

We were watching a movie at his place on a late friday night.

I put my head on his shoulder and I smiled. I looked at his Perfect brown eyes sparkling straight at me and he leaned in closer, the closer so that we filled the gap between our lips.


If you are young and cannot take sexual scenes do not read on untill you see bold writing like this and i have gave you a fair warning please do not report me.


Then the gap between our bodys closed and we started kising passionatley, I took his top off and he took off mine

and i felt his musculer chest against my chest I took off the jeans he was wearing and he slipped off my skirt and i felt the slight of his bed shaking "I love you." I said to him

He replied with "I love you too." Then i said c'mon and finally that was it, it happened.


You May read on.


He dropped to the floor in pain. "whats wrong!" I said worriedly. The suddenly I started screamig in pain too, my back was Twisting and My arms snapped into a weird shape. " Whats happening?!" I screeched in pain.

"You dont know, do you?" He said to me. "No I dont what is it?" I said With a determind voice?

He said breathessly " Your a werewolf."

"what, no it cant, I cant? arrrruuuuuuuuuugghhh" I said in pain.


This one was slightly longer but i really hoped you enjoyed it

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