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You suddenly inhale a sweet, delicate aroma. You shift in bed, and sit up. You get up, and follow the scent, which leads to a man with short, jet black hair, that was painting. You tap his shoulder, and he immediately spins around, and whips out his katana. You don't get hurt, but you flinch. He has large, emotionless eyes, a beautiful shade of dark coffee. "Japan!", you exclaim. He looks slightly surprised, but the emotion suddenly goes away as he tucks the katana into his belt. "What is your name?", he inquires. "Oh, _______.", you reply. "How do you know my name?", he asked, his fingers wrapping around the katana. You explain where you are from, and his fingers let go of the sword. "From where I'm from, you are an anime character in one of my favorite shows!" His face lights up. "Terr me more.


You come back from a nice walk to make some sushi with Kiku. You talk of your hobbies and likings, anime being one of them. Once the sushi is done, you and Japan eat and start to paint together. Your artwork begins messy. "Do it rike this.", he explains, and holds your hand. You blush tuna pink. He directs your hand, marking light strokes of paint on the canvas. He lets go, revealing a perfect cherry blossom. You secretly wish he would do it again. You continue painting, as he taught you. When you're finished, he reveals a painting of you painting, and you reveal a painting of him painting. Both of you laugh, and go inside.


You sit on a couch together, and he is surprisingly close to you. "Oh, _______,",he says, "wourd you mind going to the worrd meeting with me tomorrow?" "OH MY GOD YESSSS!", you squeal, and hug him tightly. He doesn't pull away.

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