Chapter 6

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In chapter 5....

"She will break you man she's vindictive, cold, callous, and plain old terrible. She will tear you apart from your core and its something that you may not be able to recover from. honestly I haven't man and i don't know if I will. You need to cut her off now I'm sure you're in very deep but its for your own being. I gotta go now but i just wanted to warn you about her. Stay safe man.. Stay safe. And with that he walks away leaving me to my confusion and what feels like the wrinkling of my paper heart."


As I stood there shocked, confused, and at a loss for words all I could think about was how wrong that guy was. There was no way in hell Miranda was that kind of girl I don't care how closely related his lie and our reality were he was wrong. I finally decided to get my feet moving onward and after an hour I hadn't realized I went straight to her dorm door. I knocked the signature 3 taps and a pause before the fourth before entering knowing it was just her there since she texted me last night saying that Samantha her roommate would be gone the next couple of days. "Miranda! You in here?" I ask before fully sticking my head in the door. There she was on her bed but she was fast asleep snoring looking oh so adorable. "There was no way she was cold or vindictive or any of those things just no way that could be" I think out loud. She begins to stir a bit. I hope I didn't wake her. Luckily she begins snoring again and I let out a smooth sigh. I head over to where she's lying on the bed and give her a kiss on the forehead. "Sleep tight my queen" I whisper softly into her ears. As I walk out quietly closing the door my anger begins to rise. My thoughts begin swirling like crazy. Who the hell does he think he is?! That lying son of a bitch. That girl in there is the love of my life the only constant I have and how dare say that about her. I'm sure he only wants me to dump her so he can try getting with her. I'm 1000% sure what he said was a bold faced lie all the tears and every word. I'm pulled from my thoughts when I turn to see Miranda chasing me, and it seems she was calling my name for quite a while too. "Hey! I've been calling you forever now! Didn't you hear me?" "I'm sorry babe" I retort I was just thinking that's all" "about what?" she questions with a concerned look on her face. "I don't wanna talk about it" I say coldly. "Oh" is all she says and its complete with a full on puppy dog look as well. I sigh and decide that I'll take her out later on tonight since its only 6 in the evening. "Hey wanna go out to eat later on tonight?" She immediately lights up "yeah I'd like that a lot thanks!" she beams and kisses me swiftly on the lips she takes off toward her dorm I'll be ready by 8:30!, Text me deets later!" I just nod and stand there looking at the love of my life running off to get gussied up for me and our date. I love that girl I think to myself. Then I head to my dorm room to get ready for an amazing night.


About 90 minutes later I'm waiting for Miranda to arrive she said she'd bring her Corvette but I insisted that I drive after a quick spat on that she gave up and let me drive. As we head to our destination my mind begins to wander and I begin thinking on those words again. There was no way she was anything like what he said she was just no way in hell. I look over at her for a quick second trying to imagine her breaking someone's heart but I just can't she's too damn sweet. We finally arrive at one of the fanciest places on our side of California. The kinda place with suits and sparkly dresses and where there are several servings of impossible to pronounce foods and snooty people everywhere. I hated this kinda place but I felt like treating like the queen she was and took her here. Even the name was over the top fancy. Filet Magnifique was the name and the air smelt of high class cologne, perfume and of course hard to pronounce food. We took a seat in the back and were greeted immediately. "Your order?" They probably wanted us out of here I thought to myself. As I opened my mouth to speak Miranda spoke in French our order. Even with the awe in his eyes evident our waiter took our foreign order and left. "What did you-- but she caught me off guard by saying "escargot with a light sauce, lobster, and a side of caviar." She of course adds in a cute little smile. "Wow" is all I could muster to say. Our food is brought to us immediately and after an hour of stuffy fine dining we are already walking out. "Hey since the night is young you wanna just venture around?" "Sure thing but actually I wanted to know if you wanted to go to our park" I immediately recalled our 1st kiss and I smiled then said yes to her trying to hide my smile. About 25 minutes later were walking over to the swings in extremely fancy clothes obviously over dressed for this but stuffy clothes help make us feel important. We take our seats and just begin swinging. The serenity in our moment warms my heart and soothes my mind. This girl is pure perfection man there's no way, absolutely no way she would hurt me. I'm pulled from my thoughts by the silence of her swing hinges. She's walking away from me. I get up instantly worried and I grab her by her wrist and spin her. Little drops of tears are falling. "What's wrong baby?" I ask her with worry clear in my voice. "It's just that--" She struggles to speak but proceeds to clear her throat. "I know you're having doubts I can see the thoughts swarming behind your eyes Jake I see you doubt me." "No baby no I don't doubt you I love you Miranda with my everything." "What is making you think this?" She sighs. I didn't wanna say anything but I saw you talking to Austin. I saw you and him over at the spot and I know you two were talking about me." Ho-- I'm cut off yet again by her question. "Do you believe what he said?" "Do you believe that he's the victim between us?" "Or how he said I'm vindictive and cold and etc." "Hold on babe can you explain to me how you know cause after that conversation I went to your place to check on you and you were fast asleep." She pauses at first then speaks. "Samantha came over sometime before you did, woke me up and dished she told me who you were talking too and where." "Okay but that doesn't explain everything to me. "Like how you know what exactly he said about you because I would have noticed if someone was within ear shot of us granted I saw people but there were about 50+ yards back. No one was close enough to hear us at all." I begin to suspect she's lying and a strong feeling of uncomfortableness washes over me. "Miranda I'm confused I suspect you aren't telling me the truth. Did you really do what he said Miranda?!" My voice gets louder and my heart begins hurting at the possibility of her truly being what he said she was. "Jake just let me explain." "No... no Miranda are you really-- Her lips crashing into mine stop me from speaking but I don't kiss back instead I push her away. "Explain yourself now!" I say with demand clear in my voice. "Okay okay but I promise you that its not what you think only some of what he said is true." I can feel my anger getting higher and higher and higher. "She walks toward the bench; please come sit with me Jake and just listen to what I have to say." She pleads. "Fine" I speak with a touch of venom in my voice. I sit next to her but not too close. "Okay so here it goes."

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