So this is the last one until Friday so yeah, enjoy it, you are probably going to hate me, it is going to be short but it will have A LOT of drama in it. The only reason it will be short is because I wrote up to 3000 as it was the last one for 5 days, but it deleted and yeah, I really pissed! I hope that you have a good time at the Little Mix concert today Louise and yeah, I will text you while I am away.

*Abigails POV*

Well, Niall is going to be amazing on tour, I cant believe I am going to be in the audience tonight! I cant live without telling him I love him, but how? I need to tell him. Liam is said that we needed to be up by 5 so I am and so is Niall but the rest are asleep I think. I walk down and see Liam walking down the flight of stairs to the first floor, since im on the third floor I have to walk down two sets of stairs. I go and get a bowl full of water and tip it on Zayns head.

“WHAT THE FUCK?” Zayn screams. “WHY?” He says tapping his hair.

“You need to get ready and at least now you don’t have to have a shower, get up and come downstairs before we have to leave!” I yell and walk out of his room. I go to Louis and he is awake on his laptop but he is really happy. I ask him why and he replies saying that him and Eleanor are going out and that she is going on tour with us! I congratulate him and wake the others.

*Harrys POV*

Abigail woke me up and I am just about to call Leigh-Anne and tell her I love her, she isn’t going to take it well! I dial her number and she answers.

“Hey Harry, are you ready for us to come round?” She asks.

“Not yet, but I wanted to say that I love you, I know you don’t love me but I love you!” I feel a massive weight lifted off my shoulders.

“Well, I was going to say the same thing! And im not trying to make you feel better!” She says half nervous half excited.

“Well, should we try it? Ya know, dating?” I ask immediately regretting it.

“Yeah, I would love that, see you in half an hour, we will come down in about 20 minutes and it takes about 10 minutes to get there.” She says, her sweet voice killing me.

Louis walks out of his room and tells us all he is dating Eleanor and that he will be gone for a while. I tell them all about me and Leigh-Anne and they all congratulate me and I tell them that they are coming over.

They come and we go to the airport, its 6:30 an we board the plane at 7 so we chat for half an hour until 7. We board the plane in the first class section and I sit next to Leigh-Anne, Zayn next to Perrie, Niall next to Abigail, Liam next to Emma, Louis next to Eleanor and Jesi next to Jade. The plane sets off and we are on our way to Columbia.


Sorry it is really short I have to go bed early as I have a long trip tomorrow, I hope you enjoy your week and don’t miss me too much! I hope you enjoyed the Little Mix concert today Louise and yeah, I'll text you while I am away! Bye bye! –Nicol3!

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