(kourtney p.o.v)

"what are you talking about Joshua?"

"Nothing, um where are you two going?"

"shopping for New York!" Lacey and I said

"New York with out me? I peep you."

"Guys I'm going to go check something with my dad. I will come back later and we can go shopping" said Lacey

"Sure" I replied

Lacey left and me and Joshua was just standing there."Stupid how have you been?" I asked Joshua but he was just looking at me. "Earth to Joshua,Joshua to earth."

"I'm sorry,what where you saying?"

"What's going on with me and you?" I said

"Oh, Kourtney your like a sister to me -"

I felt so stupid asking that I lied and said "No I mean we never use to fight but now we do." He hugged me and said "we may fight but no longer than twenty minutes." I really love his hugs. I then saw Danny's car. He stopped and his windows rolled down.

"Hey, want to go hang out?" asked Danny

"sure" I said

Then Joshua grabbed me and said "what about Lacey".

"She not going to mind"

"I think she will that's your Best friend and her birthday is tomorrow."

"she has me all week, her birthday is tomorrow and we leave. Let me go please."

Lacey P.O.V

When I came back no one was outside. I rang the bell and asked Joshua "where is Kourtney".He told me she went off my Danny. The same boy I told her is Dangerous.

I got on my bike and started and went shopping by myself. She is suppose to be my Best friend  the person who stays with me when I need her. Lately I feel like I lost Kourtney.

I bought Some cute pink converses,blue converses and black ones too. Then I bought three pretty floral skirts,some maxie dresses,and Seven cute tank tops.

I then went over to the bathroom and called Kourtney I really need my Best friend. we always are together the night before my birthday which is four hours away. she did not answer. I just broke down I called my mom to come pick me up and take me home.


Kourtney P.O.V

After my evening with Danny he pulled over to the park. We sat on the grass together and he cuddled with me. suddenly he told me he wanted to take me some place I without thinking said yes.

Danny P.O.V

She is really pretty and has freaking dimples. Kourtney is my dream girl.  It just suck that my dad want me to handle her  take her away. My dad is the man himself who created all the look alikes that were after Kourtney family.

I'm not sure why my dad want her dead But I must obey my father or else I will be just like my mother....gone.

I walked her over to my car but then her friend came and grabbed her and put her in his car. I tried to get her back but he punched me out and speeded off. From day on I never liked that Joshua.

I got back in my car and Went to my father to tell him she got away.

"What do you mean she got away! who are you guys talking about?" said Vince

"Shut up, and I trusted you son."

"Dad I really like her!"

"foolishness you can't love a girl who father has so much .....That's it,Make her fall crazy in love with you"

"I really did don't want to hurt her like -" I said

"You owe me Danny."

"Leave My son alone and leave Kourtney alone."

"shut up you ass,I gave you a chance to be one of us but you instead refuse. That is you son know how?" said my dad

"Yes, son of a bitch tell me." said Vince

"your look alike raped Your forever Ariana."

"so how is that my blood son?"

"We took your sperm and used it on her."

"Your a sick man cris."

"Haha,that's right I'm Davids look alike I'm made for evil."

"Let me out of her cris!"

"sorry cris,I don't want you messing up my plans."


Joshua P.O.V

"Why did you take me away from him?" asked Kourtney

"He is dangerous!"

"Shut up, why do you him so much?!"

"Kourtney, It is about time you know about your father."

"My dad,what does he have to -"


( After explaining her dad secret life)

"Kourtney are you okay?"

"Why did you keep this from me? we kissed?"

"Yes, we did kiss and your dad told me to keep it from you. Look I don't like hurting you."

"can I ask you something?"

I pulled over and parked. Then I took my time and took a breath. Then I turned to her and said "sure".

"did you feel anything, like when we kissed."

I could not even look at her but I did." Kourtney I soon realized I have developed feelings for you over the recent months." she looked at me with her big brown eyes and she started to cry."why are you crying."

"I have feelings for you to Joshua...I'm scared."

"please don't be scared no one Is going to hurt you."

She came towards me and she looked in my eyes and said "I want to give this a chance". I pulled her closer and our lips crashed into each other. I felt a million fire works go off. She pulled on my shirt and I felt her lips form a smile

suddenly four gun shots went off three in the air and one came through the car back windsheel.

"Oh my gosh, Go.Go.Go!" said Kourtney."

"Are you ok?!" I asked

"Joshua look. It hurts. please....help me!"

I looked at her and she has a bullet in her left side. I did not know what to do I called Zac on the car phone and he told me "Joshua I'm trusting you with my little girl right now take her to the hospital before its to late."

"What are you going to do?"

"Don't worry I know who did this."

I looked over to Kourtney and I was losing her. I cant lose her!



"Kourtney, stay with me"I said

"Kourtney,can you hear me."I said again trying to keep her up

"I'm sorry Joshua.....I'm....sorry" she said slowly

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