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Ricki's POV

I lay on the bed in the back of the tour bus and lazily rub my swollen belly

I hear slow footsteps approach and then a soft knock

"come in" I say as I sit up

the door creeks open and Michael slips in

"what's up?" I ask

"nothing, everyone is just asleep and I just wanted to talk, also the games are back here"he says and smiles

"come sit ill pop in this new zombie game I got"I say and lean over to get it of the side table

I hand it to Michael and he slips it in and grabs to controllers and hands me the green one

"you remember my favorite color? " I ask

"yeah, and you use that one every time you play"he says

"true"I say and laugh

"so hows the lump"Michael asks and looks at my stomach

"doing well actually, just kicking and I am due soon so thats cool and scary"I say

"well I will babysit for sure, I like children they are cool because they aren't corrupted by society yet"he says and goes through the intro of the game

"wow Michael that's deep"I say and mean it

"hey my personality isn't all pizza and video games,  I don't think Tiffany would have stayed with me if it were"he says and I laugh

I feel a kick and I whimper

"you okay?" he asks

"fine, the baby is just kicking"I say as it gives me one more solid kick

"can, can I feel?"Michael asks

"sure"I say and put my controller down

he does the same and places his hands on my stomach

the moment he touches me the baby kicks and Michael's face lights up with pure joy

he places his head on my stomach and his hair tickles my arm and I laugh which causes the baby to kick once more

"that is so cool, I wish I was pregnant"he says

"ill trade you, my ankles are swollen and I want spicy food yet I hate spicy food and I am always emotional"I say

"hey I'm already like that so it won't change"Michael jokes and we laugh

the door opens and Ashton walks in and looks confused

Michael lets go of my stomach and waves at him

"whats going on"Ashton asks

"playing video games"I say

he looks at the screen then between Michael and I and I can't tell what he is thinking

"well you guys were a little loud so I came in to check on you"he says

"we're fine"I say and offer him a smile

he nods and walks away and makes sure to leave the door open

"I guess we woke Mr.Grummpy up"Michael says and laughs

Ashton's POV

I hear them laugh as I leave and anger boils inside of me

It did not look like they were playing video games

Michael was touching her and they were laughing and I do not like it one bit

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