Chapter 4 ~ SNAP OUT OF IT!!!

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   "Emma," I explained "I am sorry to say this, but you can't spy for the team anymore." 

   "BUT WHYYYYYY??" she whined. Emma did this sometimes, but she always did it in a humerus way and she never seemed to mean anything that she whined about.

   "Because Jacob now knows that we were spying on him." 

   "I understand."

   'Well, than who's gonna spy on them now??" Gianna inquired. She always put the team first. I knew she wanted to be the spy, but she never pushed me on it.

   "I guess.... you can Gianna, but you haveto make sure your always" I trailed off. OH CRAP!!! I turned around and felt Jacob's presence. I went invisible, and saw Parker flying right above my head. 

   "I KNEW IT!!!" I screamed. cool thing was that no one could hear you when you were invisible unless they are invisible, too.

   "You should have 'known it' before you started your meeting, beacause now I know who the spy is." Jacob said all smug like.

   I went uninvisible and dragged Gianna and Grace into the bathroom. Even though I wasn't gonna use Grace, I grabbed her in there so Jacob would think that Grace would be the new spy, even though she wasn't.

   I messaged Gianna through my brain waves. 

   "Sorry to have to do this but," I started.

   "Yeah I know, I went invisible and saw you and Jacob." Gianna replied. She is so thoughtful.

   I started to actually talk.

   "Alright, let's go."

   "Wait," Gianna said. "Is there anything else you want to tell us??" Wait, did she know??

   "I THINK I MIGHT LIKE JACOB!!" I blurted out.

"GIRL, SNAP OUT OF IT!" Grace shouted.

   A/N: Sorry for the short chapter!!!! Even so, THIS TITLE MATCHED THE CONTEXT!!! I AM HAVING SO MUCH FUN WRITING THIS BOOK!!! :D I SUGGEST YOU WRITE YOUR OWN TOO!!! Put a link or typethe name of your book in the comments below and I will try and get to reading it. I have been reading so many books and I've been reading ones that keep getting updated, so I am constantly going back to books. CYA LATER READERS!!

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