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This was Gabe's first date ever and it's finally happening tonight. Gabe was so unbelievably nervous, but kept trying to shake the feeling off.

She's been getting ready all day and pampering herself. She showered, shaved, and curled her hair, so it was in waves. After dealing with her hair, Gabe decided to pick out an outfit. She went with her favourite jumper so it was easy to move around in, and a pair of skinnies and some sneakers. Gabe didn’t want to seem like she was trying too hard, but didn’t want to come off as if she didn’t care. Gabe saw her phone light up on the bed and picked it up to read a text from Calum, “On my way xx” it said. Gabe waited on the couch, thanking the lord that her father was at work. Then she heard the doorbell ring, and sprung herself off the couch and towards the door.

There was Calum, looking handsome as ever in his white t-shirt and jeans.

“You look amazing.” He says, offering you his hand. Gabe blush a little, taking his offer and walked to his car. The car ride was silent, but not awkward silent; a comfortable silence.

When they arrived at the carnival, Gabe didn’t expect it to be so packed. There were children everywhere with their faces painted, holding little stuffed animals and cotton candy. Rides were set up everywhere, and many booths with the creepy carnie people were opened and running. Calum pulled Gabe to the first booth he sees, which was a ring toss.

“I’m going to win you something.” Calum says to Gabe, smiling. He gives the carnie $5 for 5 rings, and of course he gets them all. He brushes off his shoulders sarcastically and gives Gabe a cocky grin.

“Show off.” Gabe says to him, laughing. He laughs and let Gabe pick out a stuffie, and decided to pick out the cute pig stuffie. After that, they both walked around for a bit longer and play some more games. Hand in hand, they walked to the first ride of the night, which is the ferris wheel.

They waited in line, having small talk about the band and other things. Finally, they both hopped on the gondola, sitting beside each as Calum's hand slipped into Gabe's. Both of them taking in the view of the fair, with all of the twinkling and colourful lights. Gabe sat there in aww at night sky. Calum tilts Gabe's chin up with his finger and looks into her crystal blue eyes, before closing them, signaling he is about to kiss her. Gabe decided to get a little playful and turn her head, so Calum kisses her on the cheek. When Calum realizes this, he looks slightly confused, but plays it off. He doesn’t say anything else for the rest of the ride and Gabe started to become afraid that she might have hurt him a bit. When they get off, Gabe notices Calum's hand slipping out of her's and seems a little more nervous.

Gabe instantly felt terrible for being a tease, so she thought of a plan. She grabbed his hand and lead him to the rollercoaster, which was quite high.

"Calum, please?!” Gabe begged, giving him the puppy dog eyes. Calum smiles and agrees.

When they both got on, it starts going up the hill and Gabe can tell Calum's extremely nervous. So she takes his hand and looks at him with an outburst of confidence. When they both were almost near the top Calum shooked his head nervous, “Gabe, this was a bad idea. I hate roller coasters and-“

The confidence grew hugely as she interrupted him by crashing her lips onto his.

By this point in time, they were both at top kissing, neither one of them pulling apart. Then Gabe felt that they were going down, so she broke apart from him and held his hand. When the ride was over Gabe turned to face Calum and said, “See, that wasn’t so bad, right?”

Calum smiled at Gabe and pulled her into him, wrapping his arm around her shoulder.

“I had a nice distraction.” He says, winking at you.

"Oh my, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to, you know. I just-" Gabe was interrupted by Calum's lips pressed against her's. Seconds later, they pulled apart and smiled widely at eachother.

"It's fine, babe." Calum informed, "By the way, I was faking the whole time."

He laughs as Gabe's face turned red. She playfully hit him, as his arms reach out in surrender. "Hey, payback is a bitch." This caused Gabe to groan, but changed as the night carried on with tons of rides,food, and games.

'I'll have to admit, this was one hell of a first day.' She mentally said to hersef, smiley.

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