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"Nooooooo Dad......I....I don't want to move again. We've been moving all the time and I'm always missing my friends even my best friend..................why ever time your job is giving you a new place to work. Why can't you just stay at one place or just quit that job. I'm missing my friends and we are moving away from family too. I don't wanna leave.........I don't want leave. I HATE YOU AND I WONT FORGIVE YOU!!!!"

*Flashback Ends*

*Wakes up and groans*

"I hate that memory and my Dad" I whisper to myself. I'm Luna Shizuka and I'm 16 years old. I have black long hair with green eyes. My skin is pale and my lips are kinda pink but pale. I am a junior in highschool and always moving to schools. I'm sick of moving a lot because I have to meet new people all the time and I'm not a person who likes to meet new people. I'm always quiet and shy. I would rather be in a attic then at school and yes my favorite place is the attic I don't know why, I guess cause its quiet and no one and I mean no one is in your business. I always get bullied and for me I rather be bullied at the same school instead of moving to a new school and repeat this but the last school I was in was so fun. I actually had friends and everyone didn't care what I did or looked. I am going to miss my best friend....he was so cool and funny. He understood what I was going through. His name was Dylan. He had black hair and blue eyes. He has kinda pale skin and also has a piercing on the right side of his bottom lip. He was always there for me but not this time. I had to leave this school called summer valley high and move to a new school called aqua blue high which is in California. So you guys won't get confused, I moved from state to state and the last state I've been to is Australia. Now it's California which is the last time we are going to move since my Dad said he'll quit this job and look for another one that doesn't have to require moving which is great. We moved in a city called Malibu, its full of rich people which I don't get why we are going to live here. This place is like a social place and for me I don't like to social. Right now we are on our way to our new home and I forgot to tell you guys, my parents are divorce so I live with my Dad with his girlfriend. My mom never wanted me or my Dad, she only used him for money. I hate her so much and also my dad for making the mistake of marrying her even though he knew about it.

Pic of Luna~

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