Chapter 10

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Jessica's POV

Jack forces me and unconscious Cody through the door and I see a huge gaping hole in the wall.

"Try to catch him this time!" Jack yells down the hole as they push Cody out of the door.

I gasp but they catch him at the last moment then hack drags me towards the hole. Fear grips my heart and I balk up. But he's stronger than me and throws me out the hole. I scream and they catch me then hand cuff me and throw me in a car. Cody is already in hear and as soon as I get in the doors lock. The front and back are blocked off with metal sheets and the windows are tinted to a point where I can't see through them. The car starts to move and Cody is still knocked out cold.

We had been driving for almost thirty minutes when Cody wakes up.

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