Sanne’s P.O.V

I really don’t understand what Louis wants. First he kisses me  and romantic and then he ignores me. Boys make me confused.

My parents left for a diner party. Which means I’m allowed to put on my music as loud as I can, make my own choreography and forget the world around me. Dance is my way of showing my emotions. When I hear music in public I always get warning looks from Jessica and Femke because I have this thing with randomly bursting out in dancing in public. Which is very mean because they do it too. Not as often as I do. But still it’s unfair.

*An hour Later* ( SpongeBob is awesome. Okay keep reading sorry.)

I’ve been having this weird feeling that someone is watching me but nobody’s home. So that scares me and I can’t see anyone in the mirror only me. And this whole room is full of mirrors. No wall just mirrors. So that person/animal has to be outside. But it’s dark and I do not like the dark. What if it’s a murder? Or maybe it’s Femke and Jessica. They have this weird thing with climbing trees an balcony railings. Every normal person rings the bell or knocks. But my friends aren’t normal so they enter the house through my window. It gets very normal after a few months.

I stop the music and sneak up to the window. NINJA!! I look outside and see nothing. Wtf. This gets more creepier with the minute. I stand up and walk towards the door. I open it and peak around it.

“Hi” There on the ground of my balcony is laying the one and only Louis Tomlinson.

“You okay there?” I ask.

“Yeah why wouldn’t I” he says.

“ I don’t know you’re lying on MY balcony at 10 PM.”

“ Yeah. I’m just chilling here with some chocolate and flowers.”

“Ah okay, yeah that’s……  DID YOU JUST SAY CHOCOLATE” I scream.

“Maybe. Depends on if you deserve it”

“How do I deserve it then” I say eyeing the big shopping bag

“Well there is only one way….”

“Tell me”

“Don’t hate me and promise me no matter what happens we will say friends”

“Okay. I’m getting scared right now”

“Here goes nothing. Sanne I’ve liked you since that day we went to Ypres which is also the first day we met. I never really knew if you liked me too because of the age difference. And it scared me at first because you’re so young and I’m well old. But age is just a number that’s what Harry always says. At first I never believed him but now I do. You made me happier these days. And I’m sorry that I ignored you today. I just didn’t know what to do and…….”

“You talk too much” I say putting my hand over his mouth.

“But I feel the same too. I never knew if you would like me because I’m so much younger than you. But then you gave me all these hints so I thought you liked me too. And then today you ignored me and I got confused and……”

“Now you’re talking too much” He says before kissing me.

“What about that chocolate can’t let them go to waste, can we” I say breaking the kiss.

“Always ruining the moment. Come on let’s eat chocolate till we get sick” He says grabbing my hand and pulling me inside.

“Wait here I’ll be right back” And he runs outside only to return with lots of red roses and the shopping bag full of chocolate.

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