Chapter 4

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The school bell rang, signaling that our lesson was over. Everybody walked out of the classroom, into the cafeteria. I walked over to my regular table, sitting down to wait for my friends.

Hayes POV

The bell rang, and before I could walk off with Allie, my teacher called me. "Hayes. Come here" He said, before I walked towards him. "Yes?" I ask, confused why he wants me. "As you have just started today, I need you to pair with someone for the class project" He says. I let out a sigh of relief. "You may go" He says, before looking back to his laptop. I walk out the class, walking to the cafeteria. Halfway there, I get tackled, by my one and only brother. "So bro y'all met any peoples?" He says smirking at me, as his friends all tease me. I give one of them, Cameron the finger. "OK bro, we gotta go and find a girl" Nash says before walking away. Huh. I wonder what girl. I carry on walking towards the cafeteria, before seeing my new friends. I walk towards the table their on, people looking at me, cleary gossiping, wondering who I am. I smile at Dan and Charlie, but not Allie, as she wasn't facing me. I went up to her and made her jump. I smirked before sitting down. "Dammit Hayes!" She laughs, poking her tongue out at me. I look to see Dan whispering to Charlie, making her laugh and nod. "What y'all talking about?" I ask, wiggling my eyebrows. "Just saying how you two would make the per-fect couple!" He says, causing Allie to blush like mad. Awh cute. "Erm thanks?" She says. Oh shit! Did I say that out loud? "Yes. Yes you did" She giggles, blushing. I feel my cheeks get warmer. "Awh is ickle Hayes blushing!??" Charlie teases, making me blush even more. Before I take a bite out of my apple, Allie gets a text. I look at her, seeing a tear fall down her face. "Hey um I have to go. See you later" She says quietly, before grabbing her bag and walking into the hallway. "Where is she going" I ask, worried. "Maybe you should go see for yourself" Dan whispers. What's going on!?!?

Allies's POV

I got a text from Nash, saying if I didn't go into the hallway, then he would hurt my friends. I couldn't let him do that. I wait for them in our regular spot, and see them walking towards me. "Oh good. She came" Nash says, smirking. "Shawn, Matt, hold her down" Nash commands, making them immediately hold me down. He begins to slap me, with Taylor and Cameron punch me. "NASH! DON'T!" Someone yells. I look to see Hayes. "What do you want Hayes? We're kinda busy right now!" Nash sighs, gesturing to me. "Leave Allie alone! She is my friend!" Hayes yells. "Or what?" Nash says, pushing Hayes up against the lockers. "Or this!" He says, punching Nash in the nose. "So. You choose some dirty skank over me? YOUR FUCKING BROTHER?!?!?" Nash yells. "First of all, she is perfect, not a skank, and second of all, I would choose her over a sick, bastard bully any day!" Hayes growls. "Allie! Leggo!" He says, before holding me close to him, as we walk back to the cafeteria.

A/N: Oooooooo! Brother drama! So Hayes has found out! Wanna know what's gonna happen next? Then tune in for next time of Mah fanfic! Oh and I haz came up with something! I decided that I shall attempt to update once a week! That's all for now folks!!! Bai!!

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