Always a Bridesmaid

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Georgie wiped her palms nervously as the music started, holding her bouquet tightly. She breathed in deeply as she began walking, smiling at the large crowd of faces, shoulders back and head held high. Her eyes teared lightly as Georgie neared the end of the aisle, seeing Tyler dressed in a sharp suit and tie, his eyes expectant for his bride.  

Closing her eyes briefly, Georgie paused at the end of the aisle, breathing deeply to remember this moment. Her eyes opened slowly, smiling at Tyler, before she quickly veered to the left. The music changed, and the crowd stood to welcome the bride. Georgie craned her neck to get a view of her younger cousin, Nicole, float down the long walk to her new husband.  

Georgie was happy, she was. She was ecstatic that Nicole was happy, and to be her Maid of Honor. But deep inside, something she would never admit to another person, Georgie fought off jealousy. It should have been her wedding and her husband waiting. Her eyes fell briefly. Who could love me? She asked herself silently, An obese, pimpled ogre of a woman. No one had loved Georgie before; never once had another looked at her with desire. Love was never going to find her...Shaking off her thoughts off and returning to the moment, Georgie forced a smile and told herself she was happy. 

Georgie didn't care if she was thirty and doomed to be a bridesmaid forever. She was happy. Georgie didn't care that her younger cousins found love before she did. She was happy. Georgie didn't care that she had never been looked at like Tyler was now looking at Nicole. She was happy. 

It was something she had to remind herself of constantly. 

A short time after the ceremony finished, the party had moved to a small cottage. The music was loud and there was an overwhelming feeling of excitement in the air as the crowd celebrated the new union. 

Georgie leaned against the bar as the crowd of people danced behind her. She watched as the bartender, one of her childhood friends, served a few guests before returning to where Georgie waited. McKinley leaned her elbows on the counter and raised her eyebrows at Georgie.  

Georgie tugged self-consciously on the royal blue bridesmaid dress she had been forced into. "Well, it does a great job of accenting my fat rolls," she had said when Nicole forced her to try it on, but Nicole insisted that would be resolved through alterations. It wasn't. 

"Why aren't you out dancing?" McKinley asked, nodding to the dance floor.  

Georgie replied by making a sour face, scrunching her nose up. "Dancing really isn't my thing."  

McKinley rolled her eyes, "You mean you don't like putting yourself out there." McKinley pulled out a glass for Georgie and placed it on the counter, filling it up with a cocktail. When Georgie reached for it, however, McKinley pulled it away. "Georgie, you need to stop worrying so much and have some fun! How else are you going to meet someone knew?" 

"I have plenty of fun!" Georgie protested. 

McKinley rolled her eyes before surrendering the drink to Georgie. "Playing 'Simon Says' with your kindergarten class does not count."  

Georgie stuck her tongue out at the red-head, "I have more fun! Besides, I love my kids. It stops the whole 'no husband and no kids problem." She waited for a response before sighing, "What are you looking at?" 

"There's a guy over there," McKinley nodded toward the opposite side of the dance floor, "that's checking you out--No! No, don't look yet!" McKinley reached over and smacked Georgie's arm.  

Georgie ignored McKinley, turning anyway to see a tall man sitting at a table across the dance floor. His eyes kept glancing toward her, then would quickly look away when he saw her looking. Georgie rolled her eyes, turning back to McKinley. "He's looking at you," she said, no question in her voice.  

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