Chapter 7

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After the incident with the microwave, Martyn was extra-careful. Nobody else seemed to be shaken up that much by the incident, all except Kim and Martyn. Kim was 100% convinced that something tried to kill her, while Martyn knows who tried to kill her. 

Speaking of, Martyn was preparing. He knew how to send the poltergeist away. It won't be easy, considering what had happened last time - hishighschoolfriendstrunguponthewalldrippingbloodhiseyesblankandpale - it wasn't pretty. 

Martyn was heading to the kitchen, passing what used to be the common room on the way. The common room was now Hatfilm's office, and he heard them recording - loudly, might he add - something behind the closed door. He chuckled to himself and moved on to the kitchen, just a ways down passed the newly made office. 

The microwave in the kitchen had been thrown away, leaving a charred mark on the counter. They cleaned up the foam and anything burnt and threw away the now-useless microwave. There was still an outline of it, though, and the edge of the counter is charred.

Martyn looked through the fridge breifly and pulled out a water bottle. He unscrewed the cap and leaned against the counter as he took a drink. 

He almost spit out the mouthful of water he had as two screams echoed through Yogtowers. Martyn set the bottle and the cap on the counter and made a run down the hall toward the screams of help. 

He found they were coming from the editor's room. Most of the editors didn't come in today, but Colin and Tom were there. As he entered the room, he stopped where he was in shock. 

All the computers in the editor's room were cracked. The screens had broken somehow, on all of them, and the glass was strewn on the floor and desks and chairs. Tom and Colin were covering their heads and huddling on the ground, calling for help. 

"What the hell happened?!" Martyn asked, rushing in to help the two editors. 

"The monitors exploded!" Colin exclaimed. "We were working, when they all started going haywire! And-and then the screens exploded!" He held a hand up to his cheek, where blood leaked out from under his palm. Martyn helped him out of the room as more people came to see what was going on. 

"Holy sh*t!" Simon exclaimed as he looked into the room. He ran over to help Tom out of the room as Martyn lead Colin out. Tom had blood running down his arm. 

"Let's get you guys to the hospital," Martyn demanded. Other people had gathered at the doorway, and Martyn grabbed Duncan's arm as he passed by. "Dunc, can you drive Tom and Colin to the hospital? I think they need to be checked out." Duncan nodded hurriedly and he and Simon helped the two injured editors out to his car. 

Everyone else who stood in the hallway were asking questions and examining the room. Martyn ushered them away and closed the door, his anger flaring up.

"Martyn, what happened?!" Hannah grabbed his arm and asked. 

"The monitors broke," Martyn answered. "It was an accident." 

"I doubt two 'accidents' happen in one week!" Kim said. "Especially two 'accidents' that almost killed us!" 

"I don't know!" Martyn lied. "I don't know what could cause this! So until we find out, or it stops, we should just move on and deal with it!" 

"Why are you so calm about this?" Simon asked. "The computer monitors just exploded!

"You think I'm not calm?!" Martyn yelled. "I'm freaking out! I don't want anyone to get hurt! It's dangerous and stupid just staying here! We're all just going to get killed!" He clapped a hand over his mouth after that. The others just stared at him in horror and confusion. 

"What do you--" Ross was about to ask. 

"Just ignore me!" Martyn cut him off. "I'm freaking out, I say stupid things!" Without another word, he stomped off to his office and slammed the door behind him.


He didn't come out of his office until he was sure everyone was gone. It was 12:43 am when he finally exited his office. It was quiet, so he headed to his the kitchen to prepare. He was finally going to try to be rid of the poltergeist. 

Martyn raided the cupboards until he found a container of salt. He ran back out of the kitchen and back to his office, remembering something that he hasn't used in years. He went through his shelf and through the drawers in his desk, and finally spotting the old book that he kept since his teens years. 

He heard a door slam and looked up to see the lock slide in his own office door. He sighed and stood up, walking briskly over to the door. He jiggled the handle, but even unlocking the door wouldn't make it budge. His breath came out in a cold fog. 

"C'mon, Lewis," Martyn said to the empty room. "This isn't you. You wouldn't want to hurt your friends." The temperature dropped lower. His computer turned on and static slid across the screen. A high-pitched ringing noise came from the computer, and Martyn just had enough time to duck as the screen bursted and glass went everywhere. 

Then it all stopped. His door opened slowly, and any noises stopped. Martyn stayed still and listened. Then he heard it. Voices. And the front door opening and closing. 

"Oh, god," Martyn murmured. "Why tonight? Why now?" 

"Martyn? You here?" That was Simon. 

"Sam asked us to check to see if you were still here!" And Hannah. 

"We could give you a ride," Duncan too?! Oh, god, why did they have to come?!

Martyn hid the salt and book behind the shelf in his office, and made his way out into the hallway. "Yeah, I'm here! Thanks for the offer!" 

"What are you still doing here?" Simon asked as the three greeted Martyn. 

"Just....working," Martyn lied again. "Sam asked you come check on me? Why couldn't he pick me up?" 

"He was busy with something," Duncan replied, shrugging. "So, you want a ride? I got my car." 

"Sure," Martyn said, rocking on his feet. "Let's get out of here." 

They were heading to the door when all the lights suddenly turned off. Martyn mumbled a swear under his breath as he walked up to the front doors, not being surprised when it wouldn't open.

"What's going on?" Hannah asked, fear leaking into her tone. 

"What the hell....?" Duncan trailed off. 

Martyn looked back down the hallway, regretting leaving the book and salt back in his office. He saw a glowing figure at the end of the hall, black fog at it's feet and glowing yellow eyes on a familiar face. He swore again as a slight wind picked up. The other three hung on to each other in fear.

If only they saw their dead friend and boss coming closer to kill them.

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