Chapter 9

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Jack threw me into my room. He then locked the door. After awhile Jessica came into my room.

"I'm sorry, about your dad. I didn't know."

"How could you I didn't tell you," I told her as she pressed a wet cloth against my shoulder.

I winced and she started to stitch it up then put a bandage over it. All of the sudden Jack and his crew walk in except this time they have pistols and machine guns. I got up and they formed a half circle around me. Jack came in the center with me and pushed me against the wall.

"You made a mistake by telling him Cody and now we're leaving. But this time cutler has told me to take some one you care about with me," Jack says then turns and faces Jessica.

"Stay away from her," I growl.

He backs away from me and then hits me in the face with his gun. I fall to the ground covering the side of my face then I get up to see that Jack is striding towards frightened Jessica. I lunge at him but he's out side my circle and his crew holds me back. Jack roughly grabs Jessica and yells," it's time to go!"

They throw me back against the wall and then one guy hits me in the face with his gun then another and another. This keeps going in till I'm bleeding and I get knocked out. Falling to the ground while everything fades to black. The last thought that I think is,"I'm in deep crap."

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