Chapter 1

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My only son,each day you grow older;each moment I'm watchingmy vengeance unfold.The child of my body,the flesh of my soul,will die in returningthe birthright he stole. Loki shook his head to clear the memory from his mind, he was watching as the Chitauri prepared to go to war with Midgard; he was waiting on The Other to give him his new weapon so he could take over the mortal filled world.

            " This scepter is controlled by the tesseract, you will find it on Midgard. Remember the deal you made with my master." Other threatened as he gave Loki the weapon.

            Loki took it and turned to the empty space in front of him, he focused his magic and started to open a portal into the area in front of him that connected to the tesseract, he glanced back at the bare rocky floating island behind him before going through the portal. When he got to the other end in a flash of blue light and smoke he saw a bunch of mortals wearing the same black uniforms cautiously walking towards him with guns pointed at him.

            "Sir please put down the spear!" A mortal with a black trench coat and eye patch commanded.

            Loki smirked and glanced at his new scepter before shooting it at him, the agents closing in on him started shooting their guns at him but the bullets just bounced off his armor, he killed them swiftly by either stabbing them or shooting them. After Loki killed most of them he paused and walked over to one who was getting up.

            "You have heart." He said as he put his scepter up to the man, Clint Barton's chest.

            Barton's eyes turned blue, a sign that Loki had put him under his control, and Loki walked over to some of the other survivors and started doing the same thing. The guy with the eye patch started to walk away with the tesseract and Loki turned around to face him.

            "Please don't, I still need that."

            "This doesn't have to get any messier." The man warned.

            "Of course it does, I've come to far for anything else." He paused before continuing. "I am Loki, of Asgard. And I am burdened with glorious purpose."

            "Loki? Brother of Thor." Another man commented as he stood up.

            Loki gave him a death glare but decided not to kill him, yet.

            "We have no quarrel with your people." The leader, Fury, Loki went into his mind to figure it out, replied.

            "An ant has no quarrel with a boot."

            "Are you planning on stepping on us?"

            "I come with good tidings, of a world made free."

            "Free from what?"

            "Freedom, its life's greatest lie. As soon as you accept that, in your heart..." He turned and put the old scientist under his control. "You'll know peace."

            "You say peace but I think you mean the other thing."

            "Sir Director Fury is stalling, this whole place is going to blow. He means to bury us." Clint told Loki.

            "Like the pharos of old." Fury smirked before Barton took out his gun and shot him.

            Clint grabbed the case with the tesseract in it and Loki led them out of the room as walked ahead and found a car Selvig found a car. He sat in the back while the other two got inside and drove off. Soon other cars were driving past and the mortals inside started shooting at them, Loki made some of them crash but was flung into the back window as the car spun around, Barton shot a few bullets through the windshield and managed to turn the car and drive out safely. Unfortunately a helicopter appeared and Fury started to shoot at them, Loki shot at it and saw the shrinking figure jump out before the helicopter crashed. Maybe that will teach these pathetic mortals not to interfere. 

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