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7 months later 

Kiara 2:49 pm 

I'm at the mall , shopping. Yes, I'm single. But, I'm fine with that. After the mishap with Chresanto I've better myself. I've been praying a lot more. I've let everything go to God. He knows what to do. If Santo & I are meant to be then we are. I still haven't hit him though. I don't think it's the right time. But , I wish him the best. 

Walking into the ALDO, I see this ICEY ass shirt. I walk to the cash register and he rings me up. 

"15.18 , miss" he says , without looking up. 

"Here you go," I say giving him a twenty.  

He finally looks up 



"Hey , how you doin?" he says , smiling. 

"I've been okay , how about you?" Returning the smile. 

"I've been aight, just outchea tryna make it." He says , 

"Come here , right quick" he says , pulling me behind the counter , leading me to the back room. 

"Wassup?" I say. 

"You lookin' right. ." He says 

"Yeah , I know. You lookin' good too" I say , blushing. 

"I'm sorry , baby." we both say at the same time. 

"It's aight. . ." He says giggling. 

"Fasho." I say. 

"The tat is cute." He says , talking about the tat on my wrist.  

"Yeah , it's a rose." I say. 

"Why red though?" He asks 

"It means love , passion." I say , looking at his lips. 

"Oh really? That's wassup." He says , biting his bottom lip. 

"Stop flexin' " I say. 

"I ain't!" he says , laughing. 


"I wanna show you something." he says. 

When he said he scared me a little. 


He pulls up his sleeve & shows me a tattoo. 

That says my name. 

"Oh my god. It's beautiful" I said. 

"I want you. Like... I want you to be mine. No games , I want you to be my wife. Have all my kids , I want us to be official. Like Jay & Bey , Ron & India. Just Me & You Against the world. What do you say?" 

"Of course!" I say , crying. He kisses all my tears away , then kissed my lips.

This feels like a fairytale. We are finally an item. This a dream come true. 

I know he loves me. And hopefully , he knows I love the hell out of him. 

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