The Minecraft Apocalypse

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~~~ Jay's P.o.V~~~

It started on a regular day, I woke up and there was a zombie burning outside. I quickly grabbed a wood sword and sliced its face off.

Then I see one fall from the sky not taking any fall damage. I kill that one too but this was wierd.

Another one falls from the sky and then more and more start coming.

I run inside of my house, a few seconds later I hear banging on my door. I block the door with dirt, I look out the window to see hundreds of zombies not burning in the sun, also more coming from the sky.

~~~ José P.o.V ~~~

The zombies are coming for me I place an iron door at the entrance of my mansion. I grab golden apples and my best enchanted diamond gear, sword, and my enchanted bow. I go to my balcony and snipe zombies. Then i jump down into a pit of zombies. I slice and dodge until the horde of zombies is gone. I start walking searching for people, killing zombies on my way.

~~~ Nathan's P.o.V ~~~

I was scared I had iron gear but that wasn't going to be enough. Right when they came in my house I pulled a lever and a lot of TNT went off. I ran before my house blew up. Later, after hours of running I look up to see it's becoming night. Then I see this little figure in the distance, it's not a zombie it's another person! Maybe I can ask them what's going on.


Wooo another story is it good or nah jk i never say 'or nah'

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Awesomeness = Me :3

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