Laura's P.O.V.

We arrived at the party at 9 and people where already wasted as fuck... A drunk douche grabbed my ass resulting in me slapping him hard across the face. I swear I heard him whimper but I just carried on walking hoping to find Kelly, she is the one who invited me. I was excited to see her, Liesle and Michelle. It had been a while since we all chilled. As I continued venturing the crowded corridor of the over-flowing mansion, I turned to talk to Jarred, but he was already occupied by some ditsy blonde who was obviously easy. Why didn't he go for decent girls? Ew. I rolled my eyes but everything had seemed way too different... And I couldn't find Kelly or anyone. As I strolled into the kitchen my phone started buzzing, I grabbed it to see a text from Kelly, "Hey babe, Sorry my parents decided that it was family game night so they said I would only be allowed at like 11, Michelle is sick and Lisle and her mom had a fight so they aren't joining us tonight. Sorry xx" Ugh... But I can't be mad I'm still at an awesome party. "Alright, see ya then love xx" and with that I walked into the kitchen to get myself a drink. I started mixing Vodka and Sprite, as I finished I turned to walk away, but found myself bumping into someone making me spill my drink. "Ugh, just great. Watch where your'e go-" I stopped mid sentence as the person I bumped into turned around and starred at me with his icey blue eyes. I felt my cheeks heat up... I took a deeper and longer look at his features... He had dirty blonde hair, icey blue eyes, a smile that made me week at the knees... His style made him even more attractive. He was wearing a grey beanie, a black v neck shirt, chinos and converse sneakers... I'm almost positive that I drooled.. My thoughts where interrupted when he started speaking.. "I'm SO sorry... can I get you another drink? Or can I get you a cloth to dry off?" He started babbling, wow he was adorable... "It's fine but, I will take you on that offer of another drink." I smiled and so did he, he scratched the back of his neck, obviously a trait in guys to show that they where nervous.. He poured me a drink and handed it to me, "Here you go beautiful." He said with a sexy ass smirk. "Why, thank you."I replied whilst blushing.. "Oh, by the way I'm Michael..." He said smiling sweetly. "I'm L-" before I could finish I felt a body tumble onto me. "HEY LAURA!!!" He slurred. Oh god, Jared is so drunk. "Jarred, you need to sit down, you are so wasted. Your mom is gonna kill you." I turned to carry on talking to Michael, only to feel Jarred poking me. "I'm so sorry Michael... My name is Laura, as you heard... Can I get your number and we make a plan to hang out soon?" I asked with what felt like confidence oozing off me. "I'd like that." He said with a charming smile as I handed him my phone, I called his number and turned to pick Jarred up from the floor. I let out a sigh because Kelly was supposed to be here soon, shit Kelly... I took my phone out and texted her, "Hey doll, Jarred is way too wasted... I'm taking him back to my house to sober up... His mom will kill him, we'll chill before I go to LA! Promise!!! Love you xx" She didn't even take two minutes to reply, "Awwwww... Stupid Jarred. hahahaha, Love you too and we better!! xx" And with that I got in my car and drove myself and Jarred back to my house. He kept singing to the radio, as off key as he could. I would turn the damn radio off, only to hear it come back on, except only louder. My annoyance started to run short. I was actually confident to talk to a damn hot boy like that and he came and ruined it. Who knows where it could've lead to... I mean I was not over exaggerating when I say this was a 15 on a scale of 1 -10. I felt fingers lean over and poke my side, I jolted and almost swerved  off the road. "Jarred! I'm busy driving! Not the greatest of times to try tickle me." He released a sigh, and small giggle. Annoyed, I just ignored him until we got to my house.

We pulled up into my drive way, I got out the car to help Jarred out.. (how ironic, LOL) He stumbled onto me and almost took both of us down but I caught him in time and was somehow able to stable myself. Luckily my mother left for a business conference for the weekend this afternoon after our debate session on my future. I felt a hand on my ass for what felt like the hundredth time this night, "JARRED!" I squealed... " What... I know that's your turn on..." he was drunk but he sounded so sober, his smirk and fail of a wink told me otherwise though... "You have an icredible ass, Laura!" He slurred as we approached my front door, I was struggling to find the keys and babysit Jarred. I found the keys but dropped them as I grabbed them out of my bag. "Shit." I mumbled under my breath. As I bent down I felt Jarred's eyes follow my chest... "Woah, Laura... Since when do you have such amazing tits?" He had a pedo smirk on his face. "Wow.. Jarred, you are so fucking drunk!" I couldn't help myself but crack up laughing at his drunken state. I finally got the door unlocked and got us into the house. "Laura... Do you know zzthat.. I llllovvve, hew..." Jarred managed to slurr.. I couldn't help but laugh uncontrollably. "Come on you, lets get your drunken ass to bed." Shit dammit, he's fucking heavy. I felt him stumble up the stairs one by one. Finally we got to the spare room and I plopped him on the bed before walking into my room. I heard footsteps behind me, it was Jarred. "Jarred, go to bed. You need to sober up, I've texted your mom to let her know that you are staying over tonight. Now go back to bed, I'm not gonna babysit you, I also need sle-" I stopped mid sentence and my words morphed into laughter as Jarred was pulling the weirdest face... I'm sure he was trying to smirk and look sexy, but it failed miserably as he just went squint and, I'm not even sure what's going on with his lips... He strides towards, almost bailing five times until I was pressed up against the wall and his hand was next to my face. "Jarred, what the fuck are you doing?" I asked as the childish smile on my face appeared. Before I even knew what happened, I felt a moist something being pressed against my cheek. "EWW!!! JARRED!!!" I squealed as I rubbed his salivor off with the back of my hand. A foolish smile appeared on his face.

"Don't act like you don't like it.." He winked at me, seeming much more sober than he was five minutes ago. What. The. Fuck. He leaned closer to me tucking my hair behind mt ear, looking deep into my eyes. I felt my cheeks beginning to flush and heat up as I felt his warm breath on my upper lip. Butterflies where flying in my stomach. Wait. He's drunk, I doubt he even knows what he's doing. What was I even doing. He was horny because he was drunk... I'm not a booty call. I am his beast friend, nothing more. It took me a while to come to terms with this. He was indeed my soulmate, but my friend soulmate. I knew my image of a best friend/sister, who was extremely sexy, and our kids would be border line greek gods, but alas, I knew his view was nothing more. My feet sore, I threw my shoes off, and felt my eyes beginning to get a wee bit heavy. I felt a heavy body almost tackle me to the ground, really. I groaned, too tired to attempt to get this lump of man off. I just pretended to stop breathing so that he would get off. "Laura?!" panic evident in his voice. I could hold my breathe for a long time. 'LAURA!!!" with violent shaking, I sat up. My face as straight as it could be. I slowly turned my head towards his direction, and with a creepy smile I said; "Laura isn't here anymore." Wish a really girlish scream, that was it for me. I burst into a fit of laughter. "Laura! That wasn't funny!!" Oh but it was priceless.

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