A Shocking New Journey!

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Chapter 2

"A Shocking New Journey!"

We made it to Professor Juniper's lab a little before noon, but there was already a long line, all the way to the gate. One-by-one, the trainers received their Pokemon. I saw multiple Tepig, Oshawott, and Snivy coming out of their Pokeballs. Some people were battling. Some were hanging around. Others were leaving on their journey immediately.

After about an hour, we were finally in front of the building. We looked up. It was huge. It was a big wooden building. The paint on it had a greenish tint. Travis was ahead of me so he walked in first. I stood there for a few minutes, then he walked out. In his arms I saw a little orange Pokemon. It's front two paws were black. Around its rear end was black. It had a black spring-looking tail with a red ball at the end. It ears and most of its head were black. There was yellow that looked like a flame starting from its nose and extended to a few inches from the middle of its ears.

I immediately recognized this as a Tepig. I walked up to it and started petting it.

"Male or female?" I asked

"Male," Travis replied.

"He's so cute!" And my excitement suddenly burst out. I was up next for my Pokemon. I turned away from Travis and Tepig and walked into the building. It was cool in here. In front of me was a long lit hallway. The rest of the room I was in was dark and I couldn't see a thing. Suddenly, I saw someone walking towards me from the hallway. A woman wearing a green shirt, white skirt, and a lab coat. Her light brown hair was up in a bun and her red earrings bounced up and down as she walked towards me. I knew her as Professor Juniper. We had met before at a conference my mom went to a couple weeks ago. Her and my mom have been talking on the phone every other day since.

When she saw me she looked surprised. "Devin?" She asked.

"Hi, Professor! I'm here to get my starter Pokemon!" I said with glee.

"I thought your parents didn't want you to have a Pokemon?" She said.

"They changed their minds last night," I said, sensing something was wrong.

"I'm sorry, but you weren't on my list, so I don't have a starter Pokemon for you," she said rubbing the back of her head.

I felt like my heart had been ripped out of my chest. I was set on going on this adventure. I was so excited. Now I don't get to travel around Unova with Travis and whoever we run into on the way. The experiences I'll be missing out on.

"Hold on just a second," the Pokemon Professor said. I looked up, hope clearly in my eyes. "Do you happen to like flying type Pokemon?"

I jumped a little bit, "I love flying type Pokemon! I always played with the Pidove and Rufflet in Castelia City!"

"I'm glad! Follow me!" She led me down the hall. It seemed like we walked forever until we reached the end of the hall. I saw a sign that said, Starter Pokemon and an arrow indicating to turn right. She turned left into a darker hall, though, and I knew I wasn't getting one of the starters.

We reached a door towards the end of the hall we turned into. She held up a card to a little black box. The red light in it turned green as it let off a little beep. The door slid open, and revealed rows of Pokeballs in yet another long hall. We walked for a while after that. Somewhere in the middle we stopped. Professor Juniper picked up a Pokéball

"This is a Pokemon that's not a starter, but can certainly do a starter's job," she said.

She threw the Pokéball in the air, and a light came out. The light materialized into a Pokemon shape. It had a black tail. It also had black around its head, ears, and all over its backside, making it look like it was wearing a black cloak. Yellow lined the outside of the inner ear and white the rest. It had circular yellow dots on its cheeks. It had round black eyes with a white twinkle. It's body was white, except for its back. From the front, there were yellow flaps beneath its arms, from the back, they were black. It was an Emolga!

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