I helt tightly onto my little girls hand as we walked threw the outdoor shopping centre, I was on the look out for the right store. I scanned the stores with my sunglasses over my eyes while Sofia skipped happily beside me.

"Where we going mommy? I wanna know!" Sofia begged me, looking up at me. My big sunglasses, another pair I brought, looked massive on her little face. Her cheeks were flushed from the sun and her pale skin was starting to glow red from exposition to the sun.

"You'll see princess." I reassured her, smiling to myself. She sighed beside me and started to pout with her bottom lip sticking out. I laughed, ruffling her hair with my other hand as I led her into the dance store on the right. She looked around the store utterly confused and arched an eyebrow higher than the other one.

"What do you think this is?" I asked her, glancing down at her wondering eyes. She shrugged her shoulders as a worker approached us with a scale in her hands.

"Good morning Miss. Lovato and little Miss Lovato, how are you today?" She spoke to us, smiling wildly, fakely.

"Were good, I called yesterday.." I started to say.

"Yes yes I remember, everything's set up in the back." She cocked her head towards the back and I picked Sofia up, following the lady back.

The back room was the fitting rooms where they took measurements and I had asked to have Sofia's taken for shoes, tights and all those dance kinda things. Sofia was excited, you could tell she knew what the surprise was and she was grinning with joy, hugging my neck.

"Hey there, is this the little girl well be measuring today?" A younger looking woman spoke to us, her tape around her neck. I nodded and smiled at her, looking at my daughter in my arms. She glanced around the room with wide eyes.

Time flew by as her measurements were taken, she wiggled and giggled on the step. I watched her, my phone snapping random pictures and a proud smile across my cheeks. God I loved her.

"Mommy am I really gunna dance?" She asked, jumping into my lap as the lady wrote down her sizes for me on a small card, handing them to me. I placed Sofia on my hip and tucked the paper into my pocket.

"Yes baby, you are." I replied to her walking back out into the store and placing her down. She squealed and clapped her hands together, jumping around my legs.

"Let's try some shoes beauty." I laughed, taking her tiny hand in mine and leading her to the shoe section of the large store. She sat on the floor and we piled threw shoes, trying on different sizes till we found her size, size 9 children's for her tiny little feet.

She choose tap shoes, ballet shoes and all these other shoes I didn't know about, she looked so happy dancing around in the different shoes. I snapped tones of pictures and posted a few to Facebook, twitter and other social media sites. Comment flooded in and I smiled, my lovatics are so supportive of my life.

We moved from shoes to tights, then from tights to clothes and by the time we were finished, she had a cartful of things for dance excluding a bag for all of this stuff. She was warn out, yawning as I swiped my credit card, not even looking at the price.

The bags in my arms, we made out way back to the car and drove towards home.

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