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-_-_- Simon's POV -_-_-

I love him... I never new I loved him until I kissed him. If he kissed back, does that mean he loves me to? Me and Martin were holding hands and Harris was smiling at us. "NOOO!!!" Harris screamed. Me and Bodil flinched from not expecting it. There was a massive bang as Harris punched her keyboard. 5 keys flew across the room. She hit her head on the keyboard and everyone went silent. I couldn't hold it in. I started laughing my dolphin laugh soon followed by Bodil who started on his laugh. Now everyone was laughing! Harris was still sat with her face on her keyboard but she was laughing lightly. "Simon, you've created a monster". She said causing me to laugh more. Then she burst out laughing doing her lower version of my laugh. This was gunna make a great video. "Why Mitch WHY?!" She shouted. We were playing the hunger games, we were teamed as The Bulgarians, Skylox, Merome and the loners. Me and Bodil were chilling in a house at the top of the hill, so we just traded stuff. It turns out Harris isn't dead, but she's stuck in a hole that she can't get out of because you can't place or break blocks.

Me and Bodil won Surprisingly. I turned and ran into the lava so that Bodil would win. He protested but it was to late.

-_-_- Harris's POV -_-_-

After fixing the keys back on to my keyboard with super glue, we all went downstairs for dinner. Bashur ordered pizza for everyone. He ordered chicken and bacon for everyone else but I'm a vegetarian so I get a whole margarita pizza to myself. The doorbell rang and I raced Mitch and Jerome to get to the door for the pizza. I reached the door first and opened it. I grabbed half the pizzas and Mitch grabbed the other half. Bashur gave the pizza dude the money and came and sat down. I sat on the floor with my pizza on my lap and scoffed it in seconds.

-_-_- Bashur's POV-_-_- (Sorry for all the POV changes)

"Harris? Is Harris your real name?" I asked her. I was just curios. "Yes" She said. I new it wasn't but I wasn't going to push it cos when she's angry, she rages like Simon. "Ok" I said simply. "D'ya wanna stay over tonight?" I asked. A smile crept on her face. "You sure that's ok?" She asked. I nodded and she put out her fist to me and said "thanks dude. Ill just give my mum a call." And with that, she ran out of the room to call her mum. Before anyone starts thinking so, I don't like Harris in that way ok!? Just getting that confirmed.

She came back in the room and nodded. "It's cool! I'm gunna go and get a change of clothes and stuff them ill come back". She went towards the door before I stopped her. "Harris have you seen the weather?" I asked her. She pulled back the curtains to reveal a snow covered road. "Um.." She said. "Ill be fine." She said. "Neh your gunna stay here. It's dark and there's black ice." After I bit of convincing, she decided to stay here and go home in the morning.


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