Chapter 20

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                      Louis pov

i wake  up with my head on Zoeys legs with her hand on mine. i just lay there keeping still s o i don't wake her up. "Lou?" Zoey asked. "Yeah babe?" i said back. "What do you want to do this weekend its our 4 month anniversary?" She asked. "Umm oh i know lets go to Hawaii!u!" i said excitedly. "WHAT REALLY!!!!" she said even more excitedly. "YEAH REALLY!!!!" i said back. I sat up and Zoey jumped up and started getting packed. i chuckled a little and went to tell the boys. Am i wanted in Hawaii?" i asked the boys. "No why?"Niall said. "In going tonight." I said. "Ok with who?" Harry asked. "Zoey."  " Ok i'll use a disguise and a fake ID." i said running off to  get my fake id and zoey jumps out in front of me.  "Do i look ok?" she asked. She was wearing a croptop that had strips and a pear of bright red booty shorts. "Wow." i said it was all i could say. "Is it bad?" she asked sounding upset. "N-no its great." i said stuttering a little. "Ok." she said getting closer and closer. She wrapped her arms around my neck and rubbed up on me while kissing me.  "You ready?" She asked. "Yeah." i said back picking her up and putting her on my back. "Bye guys." i said walking out the door with zoey on my back.i put her in the car and i get in. this was gonna be. fun ride.

                     Zoeys POV

"Are we almost threre?" I whined. "Yeah babe about ten more minutes." he said sounding  annoyed. "Im sorry." i said. For what?" he asked. "im being annoying." i said. "No you aren't." he said holding my hand."We're here!" he said excitedly. "YAY HAWAII!!!" i yelled. "No the airport." he said laughing. "Oh yeah." i said lookin down i look back up and Louis was racing for the doors. "Wait up Lou!" i screamed when i got to the doors, Louis picked me up and took me inside. "Ughhh!" Louis groaned."What?" i mocked. "The lines to the bathroom are a mile long!!" he groaned again. "Ok so what?" i said /asked. "I got to pee!!!" he yelled. "Lou shut the hell up!!" i said in a whisperie voice. "Well i do!" he said jumping up and down in circles. "Can't you wait for the plane and then go?" i asked. "No i got to go!!" he whined. "Ok babe the line moved up." i said. "Yay!" he said walking two  steps with his legs crossed. i grab his hand and wait with his there is four more people in front of him. "Babe it moved again." i said telling Louis. "YAY!" he said jumping up three times. "Zoeeeyyyyyy?!??!" he asked and yelled. "What?" i asked. "I GOT TO PEE!!!!!!!!" he yelled getting a lot of starres. Well its type turn!!" i yelled. "oh yay!!" he said jumping into the bathroom. When he came out he picked me up and put me on his back.We walked to the plane i grabbed his hand really tight.

           Louis pov

"Zoe u ok?" i asked she seemed  scared. "Y-Yeah im fine." she said squeezing my hand. "Babe i can't feel my hand something is wrong." i said. "I've never flew in a plane before." she said leting go of my hand. i put my arm around he and the hid her face in my shoulder so i picked her up and carried her to the seat. "Louuuuuu!" she groaned. "Whaaaaat?" i copied. "Im scared i want to go home!"  she whined. "Is to late now we're talking off. i said holding her as close as possible. "Noooo!!" she groaned. Babe its fine i got you its ok." i said rubbing her back and kissing her head. She hugged me and grabbed the back of my t-shirt. "Babe calm down." i said chuckling."No i can't." she said crying. "Don't try its fine babe i got you." i said comforting her. "Just try to go to sleep." i said. "Ok." she said back. She was out in minutes and i was right after her.

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