Chapter 46

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Matts grip on my wrist is so right as he drags me to his room. We just got back from the beach with Cam and he's still fuming with anger.

"Matt that hurts!" I say at him when he grip gets even tighter.

He throws me into the room and slams the door shut.

"Matt please calm down-" I start but get cut off

"Calm down?! You want me to calm down?!" he yells and starts pacing

Oh crap. He's mad.

"When I was with the fans, you were getting all 'lovey dovey' with that Nathan guy!" He says with his face getting redder every word.

"I wasn't getting 'lovey dovey' with him, we were just talking! he's really nice!" I yell back

"Oh yeah, well I don't trust him!" he screams turning and facing me

I am about to speak, but he cuts me off again.

" 'I'll text you later' " he mocks in a dumb voice

"Just calm down Matt! He's my friend!" I say back

"Well guess what, honey, I don't want you to be friends with that!" he screams mockingly

"You cannot tell me who I can and can't be friends with Matt!" I say stepping closer to him

He gets really close to me and breathes in my face

"Watch me." He says with pure hatred on his face

I feel my face getting red with anger and I huff my breath out. His jaw clenches and he closes his fists tight

"No, you watch me. I am going to be friends with him. You can't change that. And guess what, he lives in New York, so I can see him all I want there. You don't control me Matt, and Nathan will not hurt or try anything with me. Got it?!" I say sternly

"You are so naïve Spencer! So freaking naïve, and it's going to ruin you! You think you can do anything and that you don't need help, when really, you can't do anything! News flash, I'm the only reason you are still alive so you might not want to leave me! God you are so difficult and annoying sometimes!" he screams with pure venom and hatred laced in his voice. He then turns around and faces away from me walking a few steps that direction.

My mouths drops a small space, and tears fill my eyes at his awful words.

He didn't mean it. He can't control himself when he's mad.

Oh but I think that he did mean that one.

"You're wrong." I say softly

At my words he turns and looks at me

"I don't need you. I am strong and I can handle myself." I say with tears streaming down my face even faster

"I'd like to see you try." he says laughing evilly and rolling his eyes.

In the heat of the moment I was so offended that I wasn't thinking straight before I knew it, my hand was flying up and smacking him right across the face.

"You're such a jerk!" I scream with more tears running down my face.

He stands there shocked as I turn and run out the door.

'You are so difficult and annoying sometimes!'

'You are so naïve!'

His words ring through my head clogging my brain. They are the only thing I can think about.

I eventually get to my room and I slam the door.

I flop down on the bed and scream into the pillow.

I feel like I should've just ended it with him right then from his evil words, but I just couldn't do it. I realize that he said very rude things but I mean he can't really control his anger. He has such a big temper and if you make him mad... well don't make him mad.

The tears keep flowing down my face, and they won't stop. the pain of his words sting and it's making me angry.

I sit up and grab my phone.

I quickly, out of range and revenge, pull up a new text conversation. With Nathan.

'Hey, it's Spencer, when we are both in NY we should hang out:)'

I text him. He soon responds with a:

'Sounds great!'

I smirk to myself and put my phone down.

Matt needs to learn his lesson to not mess with me. I'm going to make him wish he wasn't rude to me.

If he doesn't want me to talk or flirt with other guys, well, that's exactly what I'm going to do.


Oh snap.

Ok people, I'm going to ask questions now because why not-

Question: What is your favorite song currently?

Mines she looks so perfect by 5sos! Ahh I just love them and that song so much!

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