Wrong room

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You get back to your apartment after a long day work and you want to get inside and rest. You were about to pull out your keys and unlock the door, but you notice it's open. Turning the doorknop and stepping inside, you notice something different. You stand in the doorway trying to figure it out. Then it hits you. This isn't your room. As you turn and leave, something catches your eye. There is a man hunched over a dish of flesh, eating it with his bare hands, tearing into it as a wild animal would with its prey. Red dripped down the side of his mouth and the smell that emanated from it was sickening. You were paralyzed by the sight. Unconsciously you cover your nose and mouth. This accidentally bumps your elbow against the doorway. You freezed. He stopped eating, there was something wrong. Then he looked up and started searching for the source of the noise. His eyes scanned the room till they found you. Your legs start moving on their own and you find yourself running, running away from that room and the horrors within it...

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