Chapter 1

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Brooke Narrating 

Beep, Beep. My phone went off

From Natalie:

“Dylan’s party tonight.. Pick u up?”

The party I had been waiting for all school year was finally here. The Junior Smash at Dylan Becker’s house. It was a private Ivy League school event, but Natalie pulled some strings to get me there. And by pulled some strings, she sacrificed by not going with the hottest guy on the Upper East Side, Zane Taylor, and letting me be her date instead. It’s a big deal, not only because Zane Taylor asked Natalie to go with him, but because Natalie has had a crush on Zane since forever.

“No, I’ll come 2 ur apt. I need something 2 wear. Be there at 7:30.”

I couldn't wait for the party. I barely paid attention in class today and probably failed my math test, by thinking about the party and the guy in front me had WAY too much cologne on, but it didn’t matter to me. On my way out of class, I got a text from a blocked number.

“Will i see u at D’s tonight?”

I wonder who this is. I had got a few texts like this before, but always ignored them.

Beep, Beep. It went off again

“Will I? Don’t ignore me.”

I replied,

“Probably. Will I see u?”

The whole taxi ride home I waited for a reply, but nothing. I got home and spent an hour just sitting in my closet looking for what to wear. I had hundreds of designer dresses, just none looked right. Right as I had sighed for about the tenth time, my mother walked in. 

“Darling, I’m Home!”

Both of my parents had been gone for the last two months traveling around Italy and France establishing their new restaurants. I had missed them dearly, and expected them to be home next week, not tonight.

“Mommy!” I squealed, I ran and hugged her and looked for the presents she brought me home discretely. 

“Now that your father and I are home, how about we go for a celebratory dinner? I made a reservation at Jullian’s.” 

My mom looked so happy that we would all be back as a family again, eating a dinner and catching up on all the latest news. She would be so disappointed and sad that I had the party tonight. This was going to kill her on the inside, and me too, but I had to do it. I had to cancel and tell her I couldn’t go.

“Mom, I actually have a party to go to tonight. It’s the Junior Smash at Natalie’s school, remember?”

I could tell by the look on her face that she remembered, and I was waiting for some big lecture about how I shouldn’t be hanging out around the privileged, Ivy League school snobs, but she surprised me.

“Oh yes, of course honey. You go to your party. You’ve been waiting for this since you’re Freshman year.”

“Oh thank you mommy! I love you! I’m going to spend the night at Natalie’s tonight since it’s closer to Dylan’s house and I don’t want to be coming back home too late. I promise we can have brunch or something all together tomorrow to catch up.”

I looked at my phone, I realized it was 6:30. Crap! I was going to leave around 5, so I wouldn’t get stuck in traffic and I would still have time to go to a few stores.

“I’ve got to go mom, but I’ll text you when I get to Nat’s.”

She told me bye and gave me squeezing hug and kiss on the cheek. Right as I was getting on the elevator to go downstairs, I looked around for my father. I had missed him so much. He must be downstairs getting the bags or something.

“On my way N, see u in 30 or so.”

Natalie Narrating 

It was 7:30 and Blair still wasn’t here.

“Where r u? We won’t have time 2 get ready!”

Almost immediately my phone buzzed.

From Brooke:

“En route rn, taxi driver so slow!”

While I waited, I had my maid fix us some croissants and fruit while I tried to find a dress for me and her. 

Exactly, 30 minutes later she came strutting into my apartment. My god-parents didn’t know she was coming, and they weren’t the happiest about it. They never liked Brooke, they thought SHE was the spoiled brat. Brooke’s parent’s didn’t mind me, I’m not sure it was because my parents had died or if they just felt sorry for me due to the way I was being raised.

“Natalie! Get in here! NOW!” I heard my god-father yell.

I ran into the living area hoping I would get off easy.

“Well you don’t have to sprint in you’re heels, you’re going to scratch the new floors! Godammit, Natalie!”

I always have to do something wrong, right?

“What is SHE doing here?!” He asked right in front of Brooke, not holding any feelings back. That cold, heartless jerk.

“We’re going to the party tonight and we were going to ride together.”

“What, her parents couldn’t afford their own driver? So she has to use ours?”

“No, we came to get ready with each other, we’ll be out of your way in an hour.”

I left the room with Brooke and headed down the hall to my room. As soon as we got in there we started laughing.

“God, I swear he becomes more and more of a jackass every single day!” Brooke said to me.

“Just be glad you don’t live with him,” “Now, let’s figure out what we’re going to wear!”

After spending an hour picking out dresses, we still weren’t ready. We curled our hair and touched our makeup as fast as we could. We ended up leaving the house at 9:00 instead of 8. The driver was kind of pissed but he could get over it, he was still getting paid.

The party was in the Hampton's at Dylan’s house there. It took about two hours, but the party doesn’t really get started until around 11:30.

At 11:15 PM we finally arrived at Dylan Becker’s mansion in the Hampton's. My summer resort was across the street from his, and since it was much later than Brooke and I expected we decided to just stay there. We dismissed the driver and told him that he could home and Nathaniel Rhodes would give him a 50% extra service charge plus tip.

We got out of the car holding each others hand and walking in laughing, but that's the last thing I remember.

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