chapter four

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(right so I sort of have this story planned out in my head but I only have certian bits planned out so I will fill out the other bits as I go along and I am still sorry about spelling and grammar mistakes because my computer has no spell check and 'im like the worst speller guys' if you got that joke you are my queen)

Walking out of the house and into the crisp British air,the wind making my eyes water,Josh proceded to tell me about life here and how things worked really.

'right should we go to the sea?' Josh asked tugging his coat closer

'JOSH' I said trying to run after him but lets put it this way im not much of a runner.

'NO' Josh shouted back at me laughing.

after trying to run I gave up and Josh was way out of my sight.When I got to the end of the path it was another long road on each side of me and the beach infront of me and I couldn't see Josh anywhere.

looking round and not seeing Josh I tried to stay calm but with my personality I was a panicy person so I was finding trying to stay calm very hard.

'BOO' a figure jumped out from behind a car and grabbed for me sending me backwards onto the path.

I just sat there with my hands inbetween my knees my breathing had hitched up.

'oh,shit,Piper are you ok' Josh leant down next to me,I guess he was the person who jumped out from behind the car.

'yeh,yeh you just scared me a little' I said looking up at Josh,his brown hair was sticking up from the wind.his cheeks were also red which I guess is also from the wind.

'come here' Josh said holding his hand towards me and pulling me up.

'im sorry' he said with a smile still on his face.

'oh so you think that was funny' I said raisng my eyebrow at him.

'it was for me' Josh smirked at me.

'you little shit' I said giving him a fake dirty look.

'oh lighten up' he said pushing me down the slope to the beach.

I go to the beach and it was nothing amazing,but it was perfect really because of it's simplicity,the clouded water lapped against the pebbly sand creating a whooshing sound,the sea air blew at you with such force that if you lent against it you could stand with ease,the seagulls perched on the railing and onto some washed up rowing boats none flying because of the wind.

'cute' I said sitting on the railings.

'whatever you say' Josh laughed at me.

'its so bloody windy' Josh murmerd pulling his coat even tighter into his body.

'I know' I replied rubbing my hands together trying to find some heat.

I heard shouting and talking.So I turned around and there was a group of teenagers all huddled together a few of them smoking,A few boys with there arms round the girls.

'Josh mate' One shouted running down the cliff and smashing into the railings next to josh and dropping whatever he was smoking.

'oh shit' the guy said.

'Ryan' Josh said back nudging his arm.

'its freezing what are you doing out here' Ryan asked squinting his eyes due to the wind.

'I could say the same to you mate' Josh replied to Ryan.

By now the rest of the group had walked down the cliff,there was Ryan who had dark hair then three girls they were all pretty but were eying me up like I was dinner.there was three other boys one with dark hair and a dark complection another with really nice styles hair and the last one was very tall with light hair and chissled features.

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