Chapter 6

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I woke up the next morning next to Cameron, who was still sleeping. I check my phone to see it's only nine in the morning. And it's Friday. Wait. Friday... Yes! I do a victory cheer in my head. I have a date with Cameron tonight!

I slowly get out of bed and tiptoe to my suitcase. I grab jean shorts and my "on Wednesdays we wear pink tank top and head to the bathroom, closing the door quietly. Once I was changed, I decide to straighten my hair and I put on a little makeup. Once I was finished in the bathroom, I decided to wear Vans, seeing as I didn't know what we were doing today. When I got in the hallway I realized I had no idea who was awake. I don't think I saw Grace in the hotel room... Oh well. I knock on Matt's door, considering the fact that the only other option was Nash's room. A few seconds later, Aaron opens the door and smiles.

"Morning." I smile, following him into the room.

"Good morning." He says. I look around to see Matt was the only one still sleeping. I climb into the bed next him, pull out my phone and take a selfie with him. I laugh quietly and roll to the other side of the bed.

" okay?" Taylor asks quietly, loud enough so only I could hear him as he sat next to me. I nod and he gives me a quick hug.

"Let's wake 'em up" Taylor smirks. I grin and agree. "Okay here. Vine it" He hands me his phone. I open vine and get ready to record. Taylor walks to the other side of the bed and gives me a thumbs up, signaling me to start recording. He screams loudly and Matt's eyes fly open, and he sits up.

"Jesus Christ, Taylor." He mutters. Carter, Jack and I were laughing so hard and my sides were starting to hurt. I guess Aaron wasn't in the room when it happened because he stood there with a confused look on his face.

"Good morning, Matt." I finally say once I catch my breath.

"Yeah yeah." He rubs his eyes. "Hey don't you have another date with Cameron tonight?" He asks. Everyone looks at me and I can feel my face turn red as I look down.

"Yeah." I mumble out.

"You guys are really cute together." Grace buds in. I blush harder.

"Does he like me back?" I ask the boys.

"Does he like you?!" Jack raises his eyebrows.

"Yeah you know, like-like me back?" I question.

"Hell, like doesn't even describe. He talks about you all the fucking time." Taylor groans.

"Really?" I sit up. They all nod. "Wait.. Does Nash know?"

"Nope. I'm not sure about Hayes though.." Matt answers. I shrug.

"Hayes could care less. He like Grace way more then he likes me" I throw a pillow towards Grace.

"Shut up" She laughs. There is a knock at the door and I jump up to answer it. Fuck. It was Nash and Jack J.

"Um hey." I look at directly into Nash's usually happy and bright, now dull and darker eyes, then at my feet, and walk back into the room. God this is so awkward.

"Hey guys" I hear Gilinsky's voice greet them. I sit on Matt's bed next to Taylor and Matt.

"Where is everybody else?" Matt asks the two boys that just came in.

"Shawn and Jacob are still sleeping and Mahogany is getting ready I think." Nash answers him and glances at me. I look away.

"Cameron and Hayes are still sleeping" Grace adds.

Jesus Nash kept looking at me and I could feel the tension between us. I guess everyone else could feel it too because there was an uncomfortable silence in the room.

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