After the Fall

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I just don't understand. Why can't I become something fantastic and be all cool like, "OMG just wrote a book, I'm gonna be the best in the world!!!!" because I'm not going to lie, that would be stupendous.

Well, life keeps going and I don't want to be that author that kills off every character in their story except for the main person, but I also don't want one of those happy endings where the true love prevails and the bad guy gets taken away to some place that makes it easy for him to escape and ruin their lives once again because they were too stoopid to lock him/her up the right way... I'm just over thinking things a bit too much. 


The wings shot out of her back as shadows, then took on bone structure and grew feathers, while the girl fell, stomach churning but keeping hold of her head. The nervous and happy feelings were competing with each other and making it difficult for her head to clear room to work on connecting the wings nervous system to her spine.

While the stone-clad street came rushing up to meet her she took her time on getting her wings to form and connect. The second they became physical she tucked them in quickly to avoid tearing them, then while she was about close enough to kiss the dirt on the road she straightened them out and swooped out of the guard on the ground's way.

He started and looked up at her surprised, but she was already climbing as high as she could into the clouds. "Wait!" She heard the voice of the man who tried speaking to her at first as she neared the tower window. She didn't want them trying anything else on her at first and her emotions were about ready to take control over her body. If I don't find somewhere to land soon, I'll drop from the air and most likely kill myself. How pleasant my thoughts are in the morning.

She rounded the tower to scope out the rest of the palace grounds in search of a servants quarters or a stable where she could hide without having to fly over the thick walls of the castle, yet. With no luck the girl she herself down on a balcony to a sad looking wing of the palace and tucked in her wings. They would stay on her, now that she'd summoned them with her words but only until her emotions needed to change in her head. 

She paced back and forth on the little platform and began to devise her plan further.

I could wait here until next nightfall, or early morning. When the guards are most likely to change positions. Then sneak over the wall with a much simpler spell. The last one had her holding her head in a tight lock as she crouched down on the tiny balcony. The wind blowing by her and the knowledge of how high up she was became a huge discomfort as well, making her mind foggy and a pain drill through her skull like a fine pointed needle.

 The sun was peeking over the edge of the palaces wall now, lighting up the towers one by one, tallest to shortest, like it was playing a little game. The morning fog below her though was a sinister sight, and every time she looked down she felt her stomach sway to make her nauseated. 

How stupid of me to develop a fear of heights. Although most of the time she kept her head, every time she had to go through something that gave her heart more than a little jolt, that something became a five minute irrational fear. Such as being chased by hunters, when thy've been chasing you for hours on end already. That explains her jumpy behavior and the reason why she can't use magic whenever she feels that way. 

Anything after five minutes was something that had to really be dealt with. So, when she was through with watching the sun rise and the swirling fog below her she went to find a window to break to get inside of the palace, again.

She turned to find the balcony doors sealed with what must have once been strong plywood. Now the damp wood was splintered and moss covered, termite infested, and deteriorating in front of the naked eye. With a firm and strong kick from her bare foot, the door was forced open and she cautiously walked in.

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