The Road to Nuvema Town

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Chapter 1

"The Road to Nuvema Town"

I was running, I was going to be late! I didn't want to miss the doors! I burst in through the large metal building and everyone looks at me. They then start to laugh. I look down and realized I forgot to put on clothes! I wanted to hide from embarrassment from all the points and roaring hysteria. All of a sudden a loud sound from the intercom drowns out everyone's laughter.


This sound sounded familiar, but I couldn't place it.


It was on the tip of my tongue.


That's it! It's my alarm to wake up! I could suddenly feel my mind trying to wake up from the realization of dreaming, and everything disappeared around me and my eyes opened.

I awakened to the sound of Pidove outside my window and my mother's Purrloin cleaning herself in the corner of my room. That is an evil Purrloin and I know it. I got up and shooed her out of my room and closed the door. Through my window I could see the sun still looking an orange color and the clouds are pink. Based on the way the trees are moving a few stories below me, it's a little breezy outside.

All of a sudden I remembered what day it was! It was the day people received their starter Pokemon! But then I also remembered my parents didn't want me to get a Pokemon. I sat up on my bed with a sad face. I sat there for a few minutes thinking about what I should do.

"I guess I can watch Travis leave to get his Pokemon," I said quietly to myself.

I got up and looked around my room. It looked pretty clean despite the dirty clothes in the corner to the left of my bed. My bed itself is centered on my back wall. My walls were painted blue and there were floor-to-ceiling windows all around my room giving me a great few and a death wish since it is an attachment to the building. Fifteen stories off the ground. On the back wall there was a closet containing hanging clothes and a dresser.. I walk over to it and open it up. To wear today I chose some blue jeans and a red button up shirt that's supposed to be formal but I wear it for casual clothing. Underneath I put on a plain white shirt. I rolled up the sleeves like I do with any long sleeved shirt. I put on my red, black and white colored tennis shoes. I had a hat my father gave to me for my 10th birthday. It was red all around except for the front, where it's white. He said it was important to him because his partner Pokemon used to wear it before he/she died. He didn't really talk much about his old partner Pokemon so I never heard the gender.

I left my room and walked down the stairs. My mother had just made sandwiches. She had a look of slight sadness on her face though.

"Devin," she said, turning to me and looking down, "your father and I were talking last night. We decided on something." Suddenly she looked up with a smile on her face, "We're letting you go on a journey!"

My eyes lit up and I could feel the excitement about to boil over. The tea on the stove did it first. I listened to my mother as she took the pot of the burner.

"Really?" I asked barely containing my excitement.

"Yeah. We figured we might as well let you, rather than holding you back so you have to go with next year's trainers without your friends again. Pokemon choosing will start at noon. If you catch a ride with Travis, you'll be able to get there on time," she said.

I thanked her, grabbed a sandwich, ran out of our apartment building, down an elevator, through a lobby, and finally ran through a pair of double glass doors and onto the bustling streets of Castelia City. I ran down down a few blocks to the residential area. Travis lived not too far away from where I was currently at. In the near distance I saw him leave his house and get into a car.

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