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Rachel's POV

I woke up at 6 am and did my morning ritual. After going on the elliptical, I took a quick shower and blow dried and curled my hair. I looked at the clock and it was 7:10. I texted Finn and then ate some cereal.

I heard Finn's truck pull into my driveway and he came up to the door.

"Hey Rach" he said as he was walking into the house.

"Hey Rach, that's all I get? Well, I guess one Finn Hudson isn't getting any Berry love today." I said trying to look serious and not laugh.

With that he walked out the door and my heart literally stopped. I thought he was just going to leave and I felt the tears build up and then there was a knock on my door. I opened it and I saw the adorable Finn Hudson with his adorable smile.

"Good morning my beautiful, amazing, talented girlfriend Rachel Berry. How are you this morning?" Finn sweetly smiled.

I let the tears that built up in my eyes fall and I opened my arms for a hug. I squeezed him so hard and I let go so he could breathe. I looked up at him and I wiped the tear from my cheek.

"Good morning." I said and kissed him passionately. He smiled in the kiss and stopped for a second.

"What's wrong Finny?" I asked sweetly.
He smiled and started to tickle me. I shrieked when he did that but then he picked me up and I held on to his neck.

"Wait, wait I need my books." I said out of breath. He grabbed my oversized bag with all these broadway actor's signatures. With that we got into the truck and headed for school. While we were driving, Finn looked at me and gave me an adorable half smile.

"Hey Rach, ya know we haven't been on a date yet, so what do you say, Tomorrow Breadstix at 7?" Finn said and I looked at him he had the most adorable face. I leaned in and kissed him with a lot of passion and he kissed my nose. I blushed a little and answered his question

"I'd love that. Your the best. But I don't want to get killed so please look at the road" I said and laughed kissed him again. After a little longer we arrived at the school.

We went straight to the choir room and Mr. Schue walked in and wrote something on the white board. he wrote "Duets" and asked what it was. Brittany, the not-so-smart cheerleader tried answering.

"A blanket." she said and I couldn't help but laugh. She's so cute.

"No Brittany, not a blanket, but it's a song that two people sing and it shows love. It shows how much those two people care about each other." Mr. Schue said.

"I pick Rachel." Finn said quietly.

"No it doesn't work that way. This hate will choose your fate." Mr. Schue said.

"Well, whose first?" Mr. Schue smiled.

I raised my hand and went up to the hat and picked one. I kissed it and opened it up. Santana. Ugh Santana. she hates me. I never really knew why but she does.

"Well Rach, who is it?" Mr. Schue asked along with some others.

"Well, hey Mr. Schue is there any way that I can switch people and pick another?" I asked sort of quietly still looking at the paper with her name on it.

"Rachel, the fates have spoken, now tell us who it is." Mr. Schue pleaded.

"Santana." I said and some people gasped.

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