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four years later

I'm going to ask Danielle to marry me today. It is the day that we started dating. June first. Today it is our four year anniversary. Yeah we've had our ups and downs in our relationship, but we love each other too much to break up. Plus, we make each other happy.

I started recording on my phone and I walked into our room. She was getting her jeans on so I didn't walk in all the way until she was about to walk out of the room.


"Happy anniversary babe." she smiled brightly and kissed me.

I got down on one knee and I smiled.

"Will you, Danielle Williams, marry me?" I asked her.

"TAYLOR! I WILL MARRY YOU! YES!" she shouted.

I pulled out the diamond ring and put it on her finger. She started to cry.

"I love you Taylor!" she jumped up on me.

"I love you too babe."

I went to vine and started recording.

"Just proposed. She said yes." I smiled at the camera. "I love you."

"I love you too." Danielle smiled at the camera.

I uploaded the video and then put my phone in my back pocket. I walked out into the living room and set her on the couch.

"Are we getting married next year today?" Danielle asked.

"I don't see why not." I laughed.

"Is this a good time to tell you something?" Danielle asked and had a worried look on her face.

"You can tell me anything."

"I'm a month pregnant!"

"Really?" my mouth dropped.

"Yeah." Danielle smiled.

"Well I guess I have perfect timing."

"You always do." Danielle smiled.

"I'm gonna call everyone over."

As soon as Danielle got off my lap to start cooking, I called everyone and they came over. Danielle and Aaron's parents talk now, but they aren't quiet dating yet. I hope they get re-married. Danielle told me that she has been dreaming about that since she was eight years old.

* * *


When everybody came over, Taylor and I told them the news. Everyone was happy and they congratulated us. Katie and Aaron got married two years ago at the age of twenty. I know that we are all getting married young, but if you want to do something, do it. You always have to take the chances that are in front of you. I can't believe that one single day changed my life forever.

"I can't believe that you are pregnant and that you're getting married." Randie came up to me.

"I know." I smiled.

"So how are you and Jack?" I asked.

"Good. He is always trying to get me to sleep with him." Randie laughed.

"Well if I was you, I wouldn't say no." I laughed.

"Well, I am about four months pregnant now." Randie said.

I almost choked on my water.

"What?!" I whisper yelled.

"Yeah. I just didn't want to tell anyone because if my mom finds out she's going to be a bitch. She always said that if I got pregnant before I was married that she wouldn't think of me as an irresponsible person or some shit like that."

"I'm sorry."

"It's fine. Only Jack knows."

"Hope you tell her soon though." I smiled.

"Congrats." Randie gave me a hug and then walked away.

"Hey." Aaron came up to me and hugged me.

"Hey." I smiled.

"Congrats on the marriage and baby." he smiled.

"Thanks. I still can't believe that you and Katie already got married and had a kid." I laughed. "Is it hard being a parent?" I asked.

"We really do love each other. It's not that bad, just tiring."

"Where is my little nephew?" I asked.

"With his momma, here they come."

I smiled at the sight of Katie and John.

"John!" I smiled and held him.

He made little baby noises and smiled at me.

"Aunt Danielle loves you." I kissed his cheek.

"You'll be a good mom," Katie said.


After everyone left and it was just me and Taylor, we cleaned up and made some popcorn to watch a movie. The same thoughts came to my mind as they always do. I am growing up so fast. I've already took so many responsibilities that most twenty-two year old's don't have. I've come so far in such little time. I smiled at Taylor who was next to me. He has helped me changed my life so much in these past four years of my life. I kissed Taylor on the cheek and he kissed me back. I love him.

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