Trust Issues...

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Sky wasn't normal. She was tall, had black hair and bright blue eyes. She had a lip ring on the right side. She was 13 years old. She lived by herself in the woods with a few friends- Andy Sixx, Ashley Purdy, Christian Coma, Dahvie Vanity and Jayy Von Monroe. They had run away with her, to escape the horrors of the world; for now at least. Sky was a Shadowwalker. She stayed out of the sun as much as she could. She could control Ice and Darkness. This is their story...

Chapter One: Trust Issues...

October 1, 2003

"Sky wake up." Andy said in a shaky voice. "Wha- What? What's wrong?" Sky asked. "I was out and... Sky they're coming. The government..." Andy said staring off into the woods. Sky sat up and put her pale hands on his shoulders. "Andy. Look at me."

Andy slowly looks into her eyes.

"Everything will be ok. This has happened before. Trust me." Sky said.

"I trust you with my life, Sky." Andy said quietly.

"Then trust me now." Sky said running her fingers through his hair. Andy grabbed her hand and kissed it. "Always." He said. "Good. Now go get the others." Sky said. Andy nodded, got to his feet and started waking the others.

"Now what?" Ash asked rubbing his eyes sleepily. "Just follow me." Sky said turning away. "Remember what happened last time we listened to you?" CC said. Sky shuddered, remembering how she had lead them into a fight and Jinxx's life was lost. "Please, just trust me." Sky said softly, looking over her shoulder. "Not happening." CC growled in a human-like way. Sky sighed turning around. "Listen. I'm just as sad about Jinxx as you are! He was like my brother! I blame myself every day for his death! Please just fucking trust me!" Sky cried. "I'll always trust you." Andy said walking up to Sky and putting his arm around her. "Thank you..." Sky breathed as Andy pulled her closer to his side. "I trust you too." Dahvie said, walking up and standing on the other side of Sky. "Thanks Dahvie." Sky said, smiling slightly. "Anytime." Dahvie answered, flipping his hair out of his eye. "I'm with them..." Ash said walking over. "Same here." Jayy said joining Ash. There was an awkward silence for about a minute. "Fine. You win. Lets go." CC said rolling his eyes. "You lead the way." Andy said, staring into Sky's eyes. Sky turned and lead them into the forest.

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