"Oh god," I sigh when we exit the elevator.

"What's wrong," Robert asks wrapping his arm around my waist.

"Nothing, they just really need to hurry up," I reply just as Angela's car turns a corner and comes into view.

"There they are!" I sigh in relief.

"Well I'll see you tomorrow then," Robert says.

"Yeah, thank you again for letting me stay in your suite," I reply.

"No problem, Brendalyn," he says opening the door to the car.

"Good evening," he says leaning into the door a bit to address my friends.

"Hey" they respond.

"I'm Angela and this is Emma," she says gesturing back.

"I'm Nick," the guy in the back says glaring at Angela.

"Nice to meet you," Robert says giving me room to slide into the passenger's seat.

"Well, we'd love to stay and chat but we have to get her ready for your date tomorrow."

"Lunch," we both say.

"Whatever! We need to get going," she laughs.

"Bye Robert," I say giving him a small smile.

"Bye," he says before we pull off.

"Bren I was so worried about you... That was the scariest moment of my life BY FAR," Emma gushes two minutes into the drive.

"Sorry for scaring you. It was just a big misunderstanding," I respond.

"Can you tell us what happened? How'd you end up here?" Emma says. "We need the story beginning to finish."

I suck in a huge breath and exhale slowly looking out of the window.

"Okay. Well when we showed up at the club I wasn't feeling so good so I went to the restroom and I bumped into someb--"

"Are you going to tell her who that somebody was?" Angela says now beaming.

"It was Harry," I say.

"Harry who?" Angela says excitement ringing in her voice as her hands tighten on the steering wheel.


"STYLES?! NO WAY!" Emma yells from the back seat scaring the hell out of Nick and I and causing Angela to swerve off of the road and onto the sidewalk.

"Emma! Calm down! If somebody was standing there they'd be attached to our windshield!" Angela exclaims.

"I can't calm down!" Emma shouts.

"Wait isn't that the guy from that boy band?" Nick asks.

"'That' boy band? More like 'the' boy band!" Emma sings.

"Um... Do you want me to finish my story?"

"No! That's irrelevant!" she shrieks. "Let's talk about Harry! Did he touch you? If so, how did it feel? Are his eyes really that gorgeous in person? Did you meet any of the other boys? Oh my god Bren! Are those his cloth--"

"Well anyways," I say interrupting her rant. "After that I threw up on him cut open my leg and blacked out..."

"You threw up on him?" Nick asks.

"Yeah, think most embarrassing thing ever and multiply it by most overwhelming and you get that experience," I sigh.

"How did you just throw up on him?!" Emma exclaims.

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