Last Step.

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I woke up only to feel Daniels tight embrace around my waist and the dry tears at my back. I hated when he'd get like this. His drunk apologies after spending three hours at the club didn't satisfy me. I knew he was better than this, but he didn't want to prove it to himself. I slowly tried to make my way out of his arms and managed to get out of bed without him holding on to me like always. I quietly walked over to the dresser and started looking for something to put on for the day but as soon as I opened a drawer, it was slammed back shut almost instantly making me gasp. "Daniel, you shouldn't scare me like that." I spoke feeling my rapid heartbeat trying to catch my breath. "I'm sorry baby, come here." He tried to grab hold of my arm, but I moved out of his reach staring at the ground. He moved closer but I moved back once again, and again. This continued until my back was against the wall and we were face to face. He raises his arm making me flinch out of fear he would hit me again but he only places it on the wall above me. "Don't do that Selena." He whispers into my neck sending chills down my back from his slow breaths creeping along my skin. "I'm scared of you." I spoke truthfully. He suddenly grips my face with one of his hands and makes me face him. "You don't have to be scared of me baby." 

There was sadness in his voice but it wasn't enough for forgiveness. "You hit me Daniel. In front of my children. What are we going to tell them?!" My eyes burned as tears glazed them so quickly. I didn't want to be weak but knowing my children witnessed something I hoped they never would hurts me more than anything. I don't care if he hit me, but in front of my kids is a whole different story. He picks me up, wrapping my legs around his waist and he starts kissing my neck roughly. "Get off me." I spoke rolling my eyes. I was done with his attempts to seduce me out of things. "Why baby?" 

"NOW." He put me down and I pushed past him, walking out the room and downstairs into the kitchen. I began searching for something to eat to calm me down, but interrupting me once again, Daniel picks me up, sitting me on the counter. He took off my shirt with one swift move and I tried my best to push him away from me, but something told me that wasn't going to happen. I looked in his eyes and saw absolute insanity. "Daniel." I spoke as he pushed my thong to the side. "Shut up." He spoke and as soon as he was about to reach for his manhood there was a soft voice behind him. "Daddy?" Serenity moved to the side of us and she had one of her teddy bears hugged tightly at her chest. Daniel fixed my underwear then picked Serenity up, carrying her into the living room. I quickly put my shirt back on and quietly made my way upstairs. I knew Serenity would ask a lot of questions, giving me time to pack for a few nights at a hotel. 

After packing I walked into Danny's room where he was still sleeping. I packed a few of his things because I wanted to take him with me. Since he isn't Dan's I thought it would be best to keep him away from Dan until we solve things. I woke Danny up and carried him back to the bedroom then I look in Daniel's secret drawer and grab a stack of money just in case. I grab the bags and carry Danny on my hip as I walked downstairs trying my best to go unnoticed. "WHERE THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU'RE GOING SELENA?!" Daniel yells, his strong voice echoing through the house. I stopped in my tracks and closed my eyes saying a silent prayer. Danny started crying and I suddenly feel him being ripped from my arm. I dropped the bags and reached out for him crying my eyes out. "GIVE ME BACK MY BABY!" I screamed trying to keep up with Daniel's angry stomping up the stairs. I fell and grabbed Daniel's leg allowing him to drag me up the stairs with him. "PLEASE GIVE ME BACK MY BABY!" I yelled once again. He kicks my hands off of his ankles and walks into Danny's room slamming the door behind him. 

Danny was hysterically crying and so was I. 

This was it.


FILLERRRRR lmaoo had to switch it up on you again \(._.)/ Sorry it's short, but more to come! Comment! 

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