Author War's

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Michael: hello and welcome to author war's where Jasmine and I will prank each other and or hurt one another :D

This all started when Jasmine hit me with a wrecking ball in our fanfic :D

Now only if I can find her the last time I saw her was when she  put my head threw a wall because she played her guitar on a speaker that was 6 feet tall and cranked up all the way .-.

Jasmine: *comes riding in riding a unicorn while wearing sunglasses* I have come for my revenge!

Michael: uh Jasmine where have you been? .-.

Jasmine: I was in a potatoe sack that you threw away. I was chased by a duck and a junkyard dog but Sara saved me by hitting the duck with a shovel and throwing a bone for the dog. Then I put on sunglasses and hopped on potatoe here.

Michael: potatoe =__= you call your unicorn potatoe =__=

Potatoe:POOOTAAATOOOOE *bucks Jasmine off and she flys into a lamp post then potatoe runs away*

Michael: hahahahahaha good potatoe see you later hahahahaha XD

See you guys later and I hope you enjoy the war :D

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