Chapter Six

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(A/N. Gemma, Jennifer, you better be happy with this because I stayed up until nearly 1 am writing this for you)


Brett sat down in the remaining seat in the class - three rows in front of Jenna - and Professor Blakely restarted his lecture. The lecture mainly contained get-to-know-each other activities, with a few basics at the last thirty or so minutes. The class had sped by, turning two hours into what felt like a few minutes. Before they had known it, the lecture was over, and Professor Blakely was finishing up.

"Ok class!" he bellowed once again, waiting for the chatter to silence. "I know it's the first day in college, and I know you probably don't want to get any assignments on your first day, but we have a long and complicated course, and so you will have a piece to do for next week." The class groaned loudly. One boy in the back was particularly unhappy.

"NO PROFESSOR," He screeched. "MY POST-BREAK BRAIN CAN'T HANDLE ANY ASSIGNMENTS THE FIRST DAY BACK!" Professor Blakely chuckled at the boy, placing his hands on his sides.

"Well, if that's the case, Kyden," Blakely said sassily, "I guess I'll have to have you work in groups. Arryn, Ray, Tina, you'll be group one..." He listed off several more groups, before finally deciding on Jenna. "Jenna, you will be working alongside Brett and Kyden." Jenna's eyes widened and she groaned internally. "Good luck with Kyden." Professor Blakely said snidely, smirking over at the boy in question. Kyden laughed sarcastically, but then reassured Jenna and Brett by giving them a huge grin and thumbs up.


Jenna sat down in the college's library, dozens of law and politic books surrounding her. The assignment they had been given was to create a speech to persuade people on a subject of her and her partners' choice, and what with being the most motivated in the group to be the best, she took it upon herself to write it almost alone.

That is, until Kyden and Brett sat down in front of her.

"So have we decided on what we're talking about?" Kyden asked giddily. "Can we do it on the benefits of making blackjack a mandatory sport in all schools?"

"Oh, how about making video games part of the curriculum?" Brett added onto his point. Kyden's eyes shone.

"Brilliant!" he nearly screamed, causing the librarian to shush them angrily. Kyden and Brett looked over apologetically, then started giggling like madmen to one another. It was clear they had become fast friends.

Jenna was already getting a headache and the urges to go on a murder spree. All I want is for some peace and quiet so I can get this assignment done so I can get A's for me and you sorry arseholes, she thought angrily.

"We're doing a speech on legalising gay marriage in the remaining areas of the United States where it hasn't been legalised," Jenna whispered calmly. "And since neither of you two have the ability to come up with a better subject, that's what we are doing!" She stood up and gathered her things, heading towards the entrance. "Come on, we'll work on it at home."


Kyden wondered into the house after Brett and Jenna, looking around in awe. "Your house is amazing!" he said, but it fell upon deaf ears.

"You owe me money for your bus ticket," Brett said angrily to Jenna.

"I offered to split a five, but you refused!" Jenna spat back, before grabbing some change off of the table used to hold keys and letters. Brett caught the change Jenna had lobbed at him, pocketing it as he led Kyden into the living room. Kathryn was sat there in her work uniform, drinking water whilst playing on her 3DS.

"You're home early," she mused, not looking up once from her game. Jenna half-smiled.

"It's quieter here," she said as casually as Kathryn. "Anyway, meet Kyden, he's in mine and Brett's class." Kathryn looked up, waved, and looked back down again. She closed her DS and stood up, storing it safely in her bag.

"I'm off to work," she said cheerfully, hoisting her bag onto her shoulder. "Nice to meet you Kyden!" she hollered from the front door.

"Nice to meet you too!" He called as the front door swung shut.

"Now," Jenna said, inhaling deeply. "Time to get to work on that speech."

They laid out their books and grabbed several sheets of paper from their binders, making themselves comfortable in their seats. After an hour of brainstorming and note taking, Jenna got up to make snacks for the group.

"You don't have any allergies or anything, do you?" Jenna asked Kyden. He shook his head, still furiously scribbling away. Jenna reemerged a short time later, balancing Coke cans under her arms whilst carrying a tray full of fruit and sweets. The boys delved into the snacks quickly, whilst Jenna merely took a small apple, getting back to work immediately. And within the next few hours, they had completed their speech, and the rest of the household with Mae, Jack and Jordan had arrived - with the exception of Kathryn who was halfway though her class.

"So..." Emma started, half an hour into a seriously intense game of Mario Party between Kristee, Mae, Jack and Jordan. Brett looked over at her, made a noise and stood up, pulling Kyden up as he did so, positioning himself so he was facing him.

"Guys, this is Kyden," Brett gestured to Kyden before twisting his body so he was now facing the group. Kyden, this is Emma, Jack, Mae, Esmèe, Jordan and Kristee." The group greeted Kyden, and he waved and grinned in return.

"Who wants Chinese food?" Kathryn said as she emerged through the front door, holding several bags of goodness "With a vegetarian option for the dear Esmèe." She was met with a chorus of cheers and affirmative sounds, and soon rushed into the living room handing out the orders she had memorised. "I didn't know what you liked Kyden, so I just got you a crispy duck in hoisin sauce." Kyden's eyes lit up as he received his container.

"It's my favourite!" he whispered, tears in his eyes. Kathryn raised her eyebrow at the boy. That boy is way over dramatic, she thought. She passed out the rest of the food, and chowed down into her own. The group had soon gulped in down, and were now sat groaning on the floor due to the amount they had eaten.

"Why..." Jenna said weakly from the corner. "Why would you do this to us..." And with that, she drifted off to sleep in her chair.


Jenna woke up early the next morning in her bed. She looked around in a confused state. She noted that she was still in her clothes from the day before, but her shoes were off. She looked around the room, trying to find her shoes, only to be met with a pair of socked feet peeking out from under the sheet dividing her and Brett. She screamed loudly, alerting the others in the household. The feet twitched and disappeared, and out poked Kyden's head.

"Woah, what's up?" he asked as the girls burst into the room holding several beauty products as weapons.

"Oh my god, I didn't know those feet belonged to you," Jenna said breathlessly as she collapsed back onto her bed. The room looked at her in confusion. "I saw a pair of feet from under the sheet and I didn't know they were his ok?!" She said angrily. The girls chuckled and left the room. Kyden blushed, muttered a sincere 'sorry', and returned to behind the sheet before she could ask who had put her in her bed that night, making sure his feet were firmly tucked in. She finally found her shoes sitting at the bottom of her bed, placed neatly in line.

Just like Brett's.

Jenna smirked, letting herself fall back to sleep, promising herself to ask him when they woke up.

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