This chapter seems really long, if it is, I'll split it up, okay? Okay. It's in two parts.

Quick decision, Evie, I know, thanks.

I woke up during the night, like I do most nights. I felt a pair of arms around me, I squinted my eyes and remembered that it was James.

I sighed and moved his arms from around me before leaving the room.

I walked into my room and found he new DVD's I'd brought at the weekend; 'Spaced'. It has Simon Pegg and Nick Frost in, so I was bound to buy it.

I put the first episode on when Ben came walking slowly into my room, rubbing his eyes with his teddy under his arm.

"Is it morning mummy?" He said sleepily.

"No, not yet Ben, you should be asleep" I said picking him up and lying him next to me.

"I woked up though and saw you was awake"

"Well, try to get to sleep now and you can spend the day with daddy tomorrow" I smiled picking him up and putting him on my bed.

"I want to be with you though mummy"

"But I'm a bit busy and daddy wants to take you out"

"Oh, ok, I like uncle James, he's funny" he said a little sadly then cheering up.

"Is he? I didn't realise"

"When you call him Jammie, he's funny then, and I like uncle Danny"

"That's good, now try and get some sleep, yeah?"

"Okay mummy" Ben yawned leaning his head into my side before falling asleep. I fell asleep a little after him.

I woke up, blinking to get used to the light, I looked at the clock opposite my bed. 7:34. Ben was slowly waking up and I could hear Dora the Explorer on the TV in the living room. I was guessing James was up.

"Morning, do you want some tea?" James said leaning through the door way.

"Hey, and yes please" I smiled at him.

"Mummy, I want to watch Tree Fu Tom next, but Jenny won't let me" Mitchell came running into my room, climbing onto my bed.

"Is that right? Jenny, come in here for me"

"Yes?" Jenny said cautiously coming into my room.

"Go and pick out a DVD with Mitchell that you both want to watch, and come back in here and we can all watch it, yes?" I asked.

"Okay mummy" Jenny and Mitchell said running out the room.

A few minutes later they came in with James holding Pinocchio.

"James has to watch it with us too!" Jenny said reaching for his hand.

"Does he now?" I said raising an eyebrow at him.

"Yes, he has no choice" James smirked at me.

"If he puts it on, and/or brings my tea, he can watch it"

"What are we watching?" Ben asked.

"We are watching Pinocchio Ben"

"Yeyy, I like that film!" Ben said suddenly waking up properly.

I smiled and James came in with my cup of tea. I took it off him and he got under the duvet beside me and put his arm around my shoulders, and pulled me closer to him. Ben and Mitchell looked at us before making disgusted faces and watching the film.

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