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So, the hemlock case. 

A man in his late 30s was given a bottle of water laced with hemlock and told to drink it after he had finished a job. I told you I was going to find out what that job was. 

This man was a hacker. He was sometimes sloppy about his work, but wasn't bad at it. Sadly, I still haven't figured out who made him drink it.

He drank the hemlock water knowing it would kill him.

His job was to hack into the British Governments database and gather information. On what? I don't know. He wiped everything clean before he drank the water. I need to find a highly accurate hacker before I solve that part. 

So, yes, after two months I am still working on the hemlock case and I'm not sure how long it will take.

I have had some smaller cases in the meantime. 

There was a break-in at Scotland Yard. Not sure what for. When we arrived Lestrade's office was torn apart and there were papers and pens everywhere. Nothing was missing. The man was 23 years old. Single. Very underweight for someone of his age. We found out he was a drug dealer. Lestrade caught him and he spent 5 weeks in jail before he was let out just to go back to dealing. He's currently on his 4th week of his second time behind bars and I wouldn't count on it being his last.

A kidnapping. A young girl, Ashley, went missing. She was 7 years old. She went missing over night. When her parents woke up she was nowhere to be found. It took a matter of 2 hours before I found the location. An old abandoned warehouse a few blocks from 221B. Not the kidnappers smartest decision. We arrived there and had the young girl taken back home in time for her 8th birthday. The kidnapper is doing his time and won't be out for another few months. 

That's all I believe you'd be interested in. Don't want to bore you with the smaller details. I will update the hemlock case as I solve it. Don't expect any updates soon.

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