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The fact remains that what happened has stained my soul

destroying my whole world In one swoop of weakness.

freedom seeking.

A plight not weakening

from the very beginning your creator grinning.

this curse of yours devoured us

left no stone unturned got into every inch of us,it hurts.

yet you fight and struggle on, they admire you they say how amazing are you despite.

despite the plight.

an excuse.

an admiration for the bare minimum I have no right.

they don't agree.

atleast not with me.

I know I'm right you are drowned by your plight soul consumed by it no room to be biased.

when I speak they defend you, as if they had befriended you.

time, well that they never spent with you.

your plight like so many that came before, lasted long after the storm the scares maybe they have worn but I cannot forget.

don't get me wrong I'm sure you regret.

but I can't forget, for all those years I have mourned you and you had not sucomed to death.

let us not forget, the plight spread wide and deep and for that my soul is yours to keep.

for that I weep.

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