Chapter 11: Chipotle And Recordings

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*MEL'S P.O.V.* 

*The Next Day*

"Come on, Mel. I'll help you up the stairs," my mom said as she held onto my hand. I walked up the steps with tiny levels of pain included with every step I took. I inhaled to control the pain. Once we reached the top of the stairs we entered my room. My mother helped me sit on my bed carefully. She took the cold ice packs the doctor gave her and placed them on my back. 

"Thanks, mom. Can you give me my phone?" I asked. She took my heavily cracked phone out of her purse and handed it to me. As long as it was functioning properly, I really don't care. 

Mom, sat beside me. "Mel, if you need something just call me. I'll be downstairs." She leaned down to kiss my forehead. She got up and headed to my door. She exited out of my room while also closing the door. 

I was just alone with my thoughts and my emotions. My anger. My sadness. My curiousness. I stared at the ceiling looking at the pale blue walls. Oh dad, I thought. Was this all you? Was this you punishing the family again? Punishing me? We didn't do anything to you. We didn't do shit to you. I hate you. 

*Ring Ring Ring* *Buzz* I checked my phone. Alexa was calling me. I pressed answer, "Hello?" "Hey what's up my little crippled?" "Ha ha ha, so funny." "You know, I'm just kidding." "Yeah, yeah, what are you doing?" "Well, I'm currently outside of your house with two guys and Chipotle. Can we come in?" "Well if you're talking about Chipotle then obviously yes, come in." I hung up the phone and placed it on the side table. 

"Knock knock knock, what's new chicken stew?" Louis said while entering my room. I smiled big because he was a definitely crowd pleaser. Zayn came in next with two bags of Chipotle. And Alexa came last with the drinks in her hand. 

Zayn sat down beside me and handed me my food and said, "A burrito bowl for cripple," "HEY." I yelled as I slapped him. "Hey, I paid for this food. You should be nice to me." I rolled my eyes at him and opened my burrito bowl. He continued, "Alexa, here's your plain old taco, boring. Lou here's your burrito. Chow down guys." We all said, "Thank's Zayn." 


After we finished our food, we started talking. Great, I really don't want to talk about this whole situation. Hopefully it's about something else. Alexa faced towards me, "So, Mel. Want to know how we found you yesterday?" Ugh. "Dazzle me," I declared. 

"Okay so we were actually heading to the party that you were at. When we were driving, we saw you run out of the house. We were a bit confused so we really didn't say anything. We went inside the house to see if anyone knew what was happening, then that's when we saw Liam. He just told us that you ran away and we needed to find you. We tried to call you but you weren't answering your phone. So that's when we headed out to find you-" "And we saw you on the sidewalk in pain, blah blah blah end of story." Louis interrupted. 

Alexa looked at Louis, "thank you." 

"Why didn't Liam come get me himself?" I questioned. Alexa answered, "He thought you didn't want to speak to him so he sent us." 

I thought about last night. Something came to mind. Shit! I totally forgot. I grabbed my phone and tapped on the Voice Memos App. I lightly tossed it to Alexa. I commanded, "Tap on New Recording 9" "I don't see the point of doing t-"

"Just do it."

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