"Get your ass up, Cal. We're going to the beach!" Luke yelled, causing me to laugh as I watched from the mirror as I did my hair.

"Yeah, big bro. Let's goooo!" I was pumped, especially because our hotel was right on the beach.

"No, piss off.." My brother groaned, pulling the blankets over his head.

"Lazy ass.. Can we go get food?!" Luke asked, looking at us other three.

"Duh. Cal, call us when you're up and functioning to meet us for food," Ashton teased, smacking the other boy with a pillow.


"Okay, so, beach, then back to the hotel to rest in a few hours, and Staples Center tonight, yeah?" I raised a brow, looking at the boys as we waited for our waiter to bring our lunch.

We were at some restaurant on the boardwalk, all excitedly talking about the entire summer.

"Yeah. Did Cal tell you that Anabel is coming for the tour, too?" Michael asked, taking a sip from his coke in front of him.

"Ah, fuck me. Are you serious? I don't want that little-"

"We get it, you don't like her. Neither do we." Ashton chucked, frowning slightly though.

"Not one bit. She's a skank whose only with my brother for fame. He's too blinded by her freakin' tits to see that."

My comment caused Michael to choke on his drink, causing Luke to burst into laughter and pat his back.

"Shit, Rose, that's hilarious. But true," Michael said, laughing as she shook his head.

"What's true?" Came Calum's voice as he took a seat in the empty chair next to me.

"That your girlfriend is a freaking-"

Luke cut me off, chuckling as he shook his head. "Rose isn't very pleased that Anabel is joining us."

"I should've told you, I know. I'm sorry. But, it's only for June. She's got some modeling thing during July." Calum frowned, leaning over and patting my knee.

"Whatever, just keep that stupid fu-" I paused as the waiter brought our food, flashing an innocent, sweet smile as I thanked him. As he walked away, I continued. "Keep her away from me."

The boys chuckled, and I offered Cal some of my food as we sat and ate.

About an hour later, we had set up our stuff on a not so busy part of the beach, and I sat down on my towel, grabbing the tanning lotion. "Hey, can one of you little shits get my back? I already did my front."

"I will. Gimme the bottle," I tossed the bottle to Michael, pulling my hair to the side as he lathered my back.

"Thank ya. I'm gonna lay here for a bit, and when it gets hot, I'll go in the water, okay?"

The boys nodded, and made their way into the water as I put my headphones in. I was laying on my front, relaxed and warmed in the sunshine when I was suddenly drenched in water.

"Oh, my god... I'm gonna kill you two!" I screeched, standing up to glare at Calum and Michael, who were holding a bucket and laughing like maniacs.

I began to chase them around the sand, which was hard when all the sand was sticking to my soaking wet feet. 

Huffing, I flipped them both off before grabbing my towel to dry quickly, slipping my shoes on. "I'm going to find a bathroom, assholes."

Michael and Calum laughed, grinning before Calum yelled, "Be careful!"

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