Part 34

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"Yes it was her." Meadow said lightly.

You where shocked. Her sister destroyed your home just so she could kill you and Shadow. Anger began to boil up inside you. "Why is she so jealous at you!" You yelled. Meadow looked at the ground. "Because the gods sided with me and because I'm a goddess, she wanted that role before any of us."

"Is Terry one of your sisters?" You asked. Meadow nodded. "My sisters except Stacey are here." As I a cue the doors open and five girls came in. Three of them looked like Meadow but had different streaks. One had green, the other purple, and the last one light blue. Terry was standing with a red echinda. Their colors where similar to the seven chaos emerald. "If they are the same color which on was you."

Meadow looked at you. "I use to be a ivory hedgehog until Oracion changed me..." She looked at the ground. "Now I'm just a monster not to be trusted."

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