she pushed off my chest once again.
"I'm so sorry Angie." I said. "um it's fine, just we can't do this. ever again." she said looking down.

I was confused, why couldn't I date her? "Why?" I asked tilting her chin up.
"I'm with chase, I can't do this. I'm sorry." she said.

"Just watch out, don't come back to me when he brakes your heart." I said leaving towards the exit.

I'm heartbroken.


No I'm not with chase but what else was I going to say?! I need to figure out what we are before I don't ANYTHING with hayes.

Why did hayes even say that?

"Just watch out, don't come back to me when he brakes your heart."

Does he know something I don't?

Ugh this is confusing. Nash went outside to catch hayes. shawn just walked up to me.

"Not what I was expecting but okay." shawn said wrapping me in a hug.

My mom texted shawn telling us that she was outside, we walked outside wondering if Nash and hayes were there too.

"Nope they left, Nash texted." Shawn said getting in the car. we drove to Mc Donald's because my mom wasn't in the mood to cook. Shawn and I sat in the two seated tables while my mom sat beside us in the next table.

It was a thing for me and shawn to sit just together without my mom because we talked about problems that my mom gets crazy because of how annoying we are. She brings her Mac laptop so she can finish paper work anyways.

I took a bite out of my Big Mac and shawn did too.

"So could you tell me why you don't like hayes?" he asked looking at me strait in the eye.

I couldn't.

"At home." I said like the final word. "hey anyways so magcon is coming up and I was wondering if you wanted to come. ITS IN TORONTO! so we can go to Canada's wonderland like when we were little!" shawn said excitedly.

"Is hayes going to be there?" I asked not enthusiastic. "yes, but it's not for a while so it will give you time." shawn said eating his fries.

Well it may not be that bad. mahogany will obviously be there so it's all good.

We finished our food and went home because I was stuffed! as soon as we got home I just laid in bed on vine looking at something funny to keep me occupied.

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