Part 13

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"Ummmmm. Hi John."

He looks at me confused then looks at Sam.

Sam growls viciously at him.

I pet Sam and he stops.

"You got a dog?"

"This is Sam."

"Where's your mother?

I stay silent.


I stay silent.

"Who are you with?"

I don't know if I can trust him or not so I stay silent.

"Are you gonna answer any of my questions Cassy?"

"Don't call me that." I growl at him.

He looks at me confused as if I was his favorite little girl and he doesn't know what happened.

"Why are you acting this way Cassy? We're family."

"You're not family John."

"You shouldn't be treating you old man like shit. Have some respect."

He tries to slap me but I catch his wrist before it can get near me.

"Leave me alone." I demand.

He pulls out of my grip and starts walking back to the deer.

He picks it up and puts it over his shoulder.

"You know that's my deer right?" I say.

"I shot it first Cassy."

"I told you not to call me that!" I bring up the gun fast and shoot his leg.

"Shit!" He falls to the ground.

His gun falls out of his reach.

I pick up his gun and reload.

I walk over to him.

I put his own gun to his head.

"Cassidy please. You don't want to do something you will regret." He pleads.

I look into his pleading eyes and remember all the horrible scars and memories he gave me.

"Your wrong. I won't regret this Daddy."


I take the deer off him and start walking back to the group with Sam by my side.

Everyone is awake and they smile when they see the huge deer I have over my shoulder.

"You have a good hunt." Ben says.

"It was okay." I say.

I give him the deer and he skins it. Ariel and Roxy cook the meat.

I take the squirrel out of my bag and skin it. I cook it above the fire and toss it to Sam.

He savors it.

"Morning Beautiful." Jake says out of no where.

"Jake just the person I wanted to see. I need to talk to you."


We sit on a couple of logs farther from the group.

"What you need to tell me." He says.

"Jake. When I went hunting I ran into someone."I say.



"Oh my God. You ran into John!" He stands up and paces.

"It's okay Jake. Sit down."

He sits.

"I killed him."

"Cassidy are you okay?" He says.

"I don't know."

"Was he with a group?"

"No. He was by himself from what I saw but you never know. Maybe he has a group close by."

"We need to leave Cassidy. We don't need to run into more people. Plus we need more food."


"I love you Cassidy."

"Jake. I love you too."

He hugs me then walks back to the group.

Where should we go now?

"Hey." Mike says.


"You okay?" Mike sits next to me.


"What happened on your hunt?"

"I ran into someone."


"My dad."

He stays silent.

"I shot him right in his head with his own gun. He pleaded and tried to convince me that it was wrong of someone to kill family and I shot him anyway........ Am I a bad person Mike?"

"No. Your not a bad person Cassidy. I love you a lot and I'm pretty sure you had your reasons to killing him."

He kisses me softly.

"Mike? Why do you love me? Why me?"

"Cassidy why even ask such a stupid question? Your a beautiful person inside and out. I'm kind of glad this zombie apocalypse happened. If it would have never happened I would have never met you."Mike smiles.

"Your so cheesy Mike."

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