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Once leo had played with my hair whilst we were sitting on the bed for a few minutes he looked down and saw my onesie "hey!! I have the same onesie as you!!"

He says in his adorable welsh accent "Awww, put it on then haha, we will be twins" I say as I turn my head and kiss his cheek "ok, wait there"

He drags his suitcase from under the bed, picks up a bag which is full of onesies, he rummages through it and pulls it out "I'll go and wait outside ok Leondre? Come out when your ready😘" "ok princess" he replys.

I walk across our hotel room and knock onto the Lauren and Charlie's room, and there's no answer, I knock again and they still don't answer, I open the door slightly and shout in 'Lauren? Charl?' "Yea?" Charlie says.

"Everything ok? You didn't answer, and just letting you know, we're waiting outside😜" Lauren answers "yea we had ear phones in, Two minutes😘" "ok, hurry up, I'm gonna put the music station on"

I walk into the front room and jump onto the sofa, I out Capital on the television and then I sit and refresh my twitter, and see a tweet from these lot

@Charlie: having that one person, that just completes your life, your world, your everything?❤️

@Lauren: Realising that the person you have spent your life looking for, was in your life the whole time💜

@Leondre: Finding your sole mate, By looking for that person who has the same onesie as you🙊#loveher 💖💖

So I decided to tweet myself:

@Demi: Loving that one person, since a young age, and hoping and dreaming about them, and then.. All your dreams come true😊💋

Just as I pressed post, Leondre walked in, wearing his onesie, but hadn't zipped it up, I was looking across at his six-pick, hoping he didn't realize, as he looked in the mirror at his hair.

Then he saw me looking "wanna touch it?😜 wanna take a picture?😜 " he said walking towards me pointing at his stomach, "lmao shut up" I said going shy.

He then jumped on the sofa next to me and I lied with my head on his lap he was playing with my hair.

Lauren and Charlie then walked out the room, both there hairs a mess, and both seemed out of breath. "Aww look at your onesies!!" Lauren said "why can't you be romantic like that!" Lauren said to Charlie whilst nudging him, "loooollll, no, I got changed, and then he said he had the same, so he put his on haha, but anyway, Charlie you go first😜 " I said as Lauren and Charlie sat down next to each other on the sofa and curled up in a ball.

"Hold on, you to take a 'selfie' together in the onesies" Lauren said. Leondre looked down at me, smiled, and picked me up in the air, "ok then, here you go Lauren, you take it ye?" leo said. Leo then out his hands on my hips, and I put my arms around his shoulders, I then out both our hoodies up and tilted my head as we kissed, we was both waiting for them to take it when Lauren took ages on purpose, leo didn't mind so I just stood and waited, after about 30 seconds she finally took it "you did that on purpose didn't you! Silly Cow haha" I said "you love me really haha" Lauren replied "yea I know ahah"

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